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Why is fan not working on 1992 cavalier Z24 when AC is on?

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Which fan is not working? Engine fan or HVAC fan?

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by the battery on the drivers side bolted to the fender by the battery

Yes they are located front of block Remove air cleaner and fan and they become easy to reach

If you mean cooling fan relay, its under the to the battery, its a small black box. look on the top of it and it will say cooling fan, its a small square shaped relay. hope that helps.

A 1992 Cavalier could be overheating for several reasons. The Thermostat could be bad, the coolant could be low, or the water pump may be failing. The cooling fan could also be bad.

Simply remove the 4 bolts holding it on and replace it.

The fan relay could be bad or the fan motor could be bad.

Its possible your cooling fan isnt working, It cools down because more air flows across the car when you are moving as opposed to sitting in traffic.

check to see if the fuse for the fan is blown. it should be under youer car hood

A plastic frame sits behind the radiator. Remove the bolt at the bottom and lift it up and out. Good luck getting past the air conditioning plumbing. Once it is out it is obvious how to unscrew the fan motor. Put it back by reversing what you did to get it out.

Try against firewall on passenger side--may have to remove plastic cover

The 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier resistor pack fan control switch is located on the back of the fan motor. The fan motor is located directly behind the fan.

Defective blower motor or blower motor resistor pack.

The fan relay on a 1996 Cavalier should be in the relay box. It is mounted on the drivers side, near the headlight.

If your cooling fan stopped working, it could possibly be your coolant temperature sensor. If you start your car and turn your defrost on high hot, your cooling fan should come on. If it doesn't, then it could be the fan motor or possibly a fuse. Good Luck. Andy.

Check the fuses.If not the fuse, test the resistor down by the blower motor.

I'm no expert, but I have a'96 cavalier Z24 with a similar problem. I have found out that when air conditioner is running normally the rad fan is on. My air conditionong is not working.(compressor not coming on.) So instead of the temp. staying around 90degs it goes up to next increment (105?) before the fan kicks on. This only happens in stop and go and has not got into the red on the temp. gauge. Also if air conditioning is not working and is the car is overheating check the belt.

Remove the wiring harness or the fan motor belt, depending on the year of your Chevy Cavalier. Remove the fan motor retaining bolts. The fan motor will come off.

Before you replace the fan, run a wire from the fan to the batterie's positive terminal. If the fan runs, it is good. The problem lies elsewhere, such as the fuse, the temperature sensor, or a relay. If the fan does not run, don't bother finding the relays, just replace the fan.

Fan Club - 1992 was released on: USA: 1992

stuck thermostat, or cooling fan not working properly. turn on air conditioner switch see if you hear a fan run you can still have heat on certain settings and make the fan run. take to a shop before you blow head or gasket

Drain the radiator. Remove the pump belt. Remove the fan and shroud if needed. Unbolt the pump and remove it . Bolt on the new pump. Reinstall the fan and shroud, the belt, then refill the radiator.

The (radiator) coolant cooling fan is activated by the coolant temp sensor which tells the computer to turn it on. There is also a cooling fan fuse and a cooling fan relay. Check the fan by connecting it straight to the battery,it must turn very fast and not just half fast. To check the relay (without getting it complicated) just swap it with the one next to it on the fuse box under the hood, and of course check the fuses. The fan should also operate when the A/C is turned on.

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