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Why is fayre spelled differently to fair?

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That's probably the Old-English (anglo-saxon language) spelling.

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How do you spell fayre?

The term for a festival, gathering, or exhibition is spelled fair.However, the pseudo-archaic form fayre is used in some venues, e.g. summer fayre.

How do you spell fare as in carnival?

Fair or sometimes fayre

How do you spell fair as in jumble sale?

Faire OR Fayre

Why is timbuktu spelled differently?

timbuktu is spelled differently because the people in Mali there spell it differently and pronounce it in a diverse way.

How do you spell the fair in summer fair?

The US spelling is fair (festival, pageant) but some venues, mostly in the UK, use the pseudo-archaic form "summer fayre."

What does the word fayre mean?


What is the term for a word which is spelled the same and pronounced differently?

Words that are spelled the same but pronounced differently are HOMOGRAPHS (a type of HOMONYM).

Why is Unglourious Basterds spelled differently?

Unglourious Basterds is spelled differently because Quentin Tarantino wanted to be original and different

What did babilonians do?

spelled their name differently

Word spelled the same but pronounced differently?

a homonym if it is spelt differently it is a heteronym

What are words that are spelled the same and mean the same but are spelled differently called?

well, you have a typo, but spelled the same/sound the same but mean different=homophones spelled differently, sound different, mean the same thing= homonyms

Is tutor spelled differently in Canadian?

No, it's not.

What rhymes with bone but spelled differently?


What are words that sound the same but are spelled and mean differently?

they spelt differently but they sound the same

What is the duration of Glastonbury Fayre?

The duration of Glastonbury Fayre is 1.45 hours.

When was Barbarous English Fayre created?

Barbarous English Fayre was created in 1989.

What is the difference between culinary and gastronomic?

They are spelled differently?

Is an almanac different from an almanack?

Yes, they are spelled differently

What is the difference between a creditor and a lender?

They are spelled differently.

Can you spell words differently?

ARMOUR can be spelled as ARMOR CIVILISATION can be spelled as CIVILIZATION CO-OPERATE can be spelled as COOPERATE CO-ORDINATE can be spelled as COORDINATE DIARRHOEA can be spelled as DIARRHEA

Why is the word 'the' spelled differently in German?

German translation of definite article 'the' is der (masculine), die (feminine) or das (neutral). It is spelled differently, because German is a different language. If they were spelled the same, it would not be German, but English.

Words that mean the same but are spelled different?

Words that mean the same but spelled differently are called synonyms.

What works sounds like stew but is spelled ough?

Through sounds like stew but is spelled differently.

How do you say Courtney in spanish?

There is actually no way to say Courtney in Spanish... many names in English are spelled the same, and only pronounced differently in Spanish. Some names are pronounced and spelled differently in Spanish but Courtney just isn't one of them. One example of a name that is spelled and pronounced differently is Andrew, in Spanish it's spelled Andres with an accent over the e.

What are words said differently but spelled the same way?