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For stability in social life.

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Q: Why is government neccesary?
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Why is erosion neccesary?

It's not really. . . ~

Should kids have to pay for sports?

If it's at school, then obviously not. The government can't afford to pay for outside of school activities, so in that case paying is neccesary.

What does NRN mean at the end of an email?

I think it means "No Reply Neccesary".

What is Neccesary of English in todays life?

Your question is the reason. (It is bad English.)

How often do you cut your hair when you want it to grow?

Trim it, only when it is neccesary.

What are the neccesary of the advertisment?

the title the information and a few pictures to attract attention

Can hamsters get a chekup at the vet?

yes, buts its not neccesary unless it is ill.

How do you spell neccesary?

The correct spelling of the adjective is necessary(needed, required).

How might taxes affect an entrepreneur business decisions?

because taxes are un-neccesary expenses for an business firm and it also decreases the amount of profit it makes a mind of owner thinks "that if he is earning then why to share it with any one(government).

Are oranges nice?

Yes.It contains vitamin C which is an important vitamin neccesary for the body.

Is skateboard tape necessary?

i presume you mean griptape yes it is most definelty fkcking neccesary

Is it neccesary to mail out Christmas thank you cards?

No, it is not neccesary to mail out Christmas thank you cards. Very little people nowadays write a thank you card, because it is time consuming and a waste of stamps. Nevertheless, these people do this because they want to show others that they have got good manners.