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a representative government

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Q: What is a republican form of government understood to mean A. a popular government B. a democratic government C. a military government D. a representative government?
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What ways did Andrew Jackson embody the contradictions of democratic nationalism?

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What are three events that occurred between 1857 and 1859 that facilitated Southern secession complete splintering of the Republican Party in 1858?

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The power that a President has can be understood best as?

The president shares his or her power with the other branches of government, which is part of a system known as checks and balances. The legislative, judicial, and executive are the three branches of government.

Were the founding father's motives for the creation of the Constitution democratic reform or economic gain?

The way this question is answered depends a great deal on what is understood by "democratic reformer." If the word "democratic" is given an extremely narrow definition, it is easy to say that the founding fathers were not democratic reformers. Their original intent was only to throw off the yoke of british rule. Looking back to pre-revolutionary America we see that the colonial governments were modeled after british limited monarchy, the colonies had assemblies, upper and lower houses, and while they did not have a king they had a governor who was chosen directly by the king so as to be an extension of the kings will in the colonies. We must assume that even during the revolution the founding fathers had no designs of a democracy and even after the revolution some might hesitate to call the government formed a democracy because it lacked a strong central government. In fact, the articles of confederation were modeled more after the grecian city-states which were republican governments. One might argue that it is irrelevant to the concept of democracy whether the central government is weak or strong; by this argument, Switzerland is the least democratic country in the world and absulute dictatorships are more democratic since they are centralized. In addition these remarks really only apply to the actions of the founding fathers prior to the Constitution of 1787 since that Constitution created a stronger central government although it retained a monarch-like figure in the position of President. The founding generation were democratic reformers in many ways, and were really seen as radical during their time. They did receive a lot of their ideas of democracy from the Enlightenment writers, such as Locke, Voltaire,and Rousseau. Nevertheless, many of the founders were rather reserved on giving democratic power and say in the government to the common man, being uncertain that the country would be able to remain stable and orderly if such was the case.

Which type of government allows for citizens to have greatest political influence?

Where it is understood that a government does not grant rights, but that it exists to preserve the natural rights of its people, this creates a system where citizens' via the ballot box and through appointed officials who answer to the public, there citizens have the most power and political influence.

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What is the best definition of republican as it was understood in the late 1700s?

a government without monarchy or aristocracy.

The framers of the constitution understood democracy and republic to mean different things Explain this difference and identify which concept the framers favored?

The Founders of the United States strongly favored republican government over democracy for a variety of reasons. Fundamentally, however, they were suspicious of pure 'rule by the people' (which is democracy) because of its instability and difficulty alike; they deliberately chose instead to establish America as a republic, which combines some features of democracy with parliamentarian (and oligarchic) government for the sake of a 'representative democracy.'

What are the 2 difference between democratic and nondemocratic government?

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The Framers of the Constitution understood democracy and republic to mean different things Which concept did the Framers favored democracy or republic?

The Framers knew the direct and pure form of democracy and they feared that the emotional decisions taken by the populace; which is called unrestricted Majority Rule; may violate the individual rights. Therefore they chose the republic form of government in which the people choose individuals to represent them and transform their will into rational and reasonable decisions. after many amendment in the US constitution the government became a democratic republic.. or what we can call "representative or liberal democracy".A republic as opposed to a pure democracy

According to Alexander Hamilton how should the powers of government be understood?

The national government is a sovereign government. It has broadly defined powers when it acts in relation to any of the lawful ends of government. Also, it is understood that issues related to state and local governments are beyond the reach of the central government.

How would asking for increased involvement of government in education best be understood?


You should use formal language when you write?

a letter to your congressional representative. *apex homie*

What is the meaning of the word Republican?

A republican government is a state or country that is not led by a hereditary monarchy, and in which the people elect government representatives according to their political inerests. -Liza Jumbalaya

What does royal government mean?

In a Colonial context (but it is true more generally, as well), "royal government" must be understood as any government in which the principal authority is located in an individual and family understood as legitimately noble and privileged in respect to social power. In this view, kings and queens belonging to dynastic families own a special right to govern others.

Liberalism during the New Deal came to be understood as:?

active government to uplift less fortunate members of society.

What caused the growing polarization between the conservative Republican movement and the Clinton administration?

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What system allows a government to use only the powers given to it by the people?

Generally speaking, a government that has only the powers given to it by the people it serves is called a democracy. It is understood that a pure democracy has truly never existed. In ancient Athens they had a democracy except for the fact that women could not vote. Also, others were denied the vote as well.In todays world, most so-called democratic nations are those in which citizens vote for representatives that form a major part of the nations' government. Some governmental actions are created by democratically elected officials. In the US for example, a Supreme Court justice is not nominated and confirmed to be on the Supreme Court by way of a popular vote. However, the officials responsible for the nomination of such judges are elected officials. Citizens opposed to their actions may vote the officials out of office or unite to change the US Constitution.