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Q: Why is hydrochloric acid used in cleaning the platinum loop?
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Why is hydrochloric acid used in cleaning the wire loop can other acids be used?

Hydrochloric acid is used because it is a simple antimicrobial agent and can sterilise the loop. Other materials can be used, but they may adhere to the loop and affect the results by introducing the acid to the growth.

Another name for a platinum wire loop?


What does each tRNA carries in the process of protein synthesis?

A D-loop, a Y-Psi-C loop, an anticodon loop, and an acceptor stem.

Why is it required a clean wire loop in order to observe a spectrum?

Classic Wire Loop MethodFirst, you need a clean wire loop. Platinum or nickel-chromium loops are most common. They may be cleaned by dipping in hydrochloric or nitric acid, followed by rinsing with distilled or deionized water. Test the cleanliness of the loop by inserting it into a gas flame. If a burst of color is produced, the loop is not sufficiently clean. The loop must be cleaned between tests.The clean loop is dipped in either a powder or solution of an ionic (metal) salt. The loop with sample is placed in the clear or blue part of the flame and the resulting color is observed.Wooden Splint or Cotton Swab MethodWooden splints or cotton swabs offer an inexpensive alternative to wire loops. To use wooden splints, soak them overnight in distilled water. Pour out the water and rinse the splints with clean water, being careful to avoid contaminating the water with sodium (as from sweat on your hands). Take a damp splint or cotton swab that has been moistened in water, dip it in the sample to be tested, and wave the splint or swab through the flame. Do not hold the sample in the flame as this would cause the splint or swab to ignite. Use a new splint or swab for each test.

Viruses consist of a protein coat around?

A plasmid (loop) of DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) and an assortment of enzymes and viral proteins.

What are the release dates for Loop Loop Loop Loop - 2014?

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What does inoculating needle looks like?

Its tip is a wire made of platinum or nichrome, the latter being inferior but less expensive. The wire forms a small loop with a diameter of about 5 mm. This loop is handy for taking an inoculum from a liquid by using the phenomenon of surface tension. The loop is used to cultivate microbes in Agar jelly and to use the streak manouvre to transfer microbes.

How are acids good for you?

Acid is either weak or strong. Though the acids have corrosive effect they still have many uses as follows: * Cleaning of sufraces * Breaking of pipes etc. * It is used for sterilization of glasswares * Few acids like fatty acids and amino acids that are components of the body in the form of lipids and proteins respectively. * Reaction of acid with a base leads to the formation of new useful product eg. soap * Help in buffering eg. acetic acid, carbonic acid

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To synthesize a carboxylic acid derivative into a less toxic chemical such as amylase.

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Is loop

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