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A drag strip is called as such because it is a prepped straight track where vehicles "drag" race by accelerating as fast as possible in a straight line for a short distance. The term "drag" refers to the act of pulling or dragging something forward with force, which is what the vehicles do on the strip.

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Q: Why is it called a Drag Strip?
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When was Redding Drag Strip created?

Redding Drag Strip was created in 1955.

What is in the stadium where there are drag races?

drag strip

How much is a metal drag strip lunch box worth?

what's the value of my drag strip lunch box

Drag stripwhy do they use water on drag strip not bleach?

They use water because it helps with grip when doing burnout down drag strip, bleach would ruin the tires and track

What class of track racing is the fastest?

Drag strip

What are the release dates for Straightaway - 1961 The Drag Strip 1-16?

Straightaway - 1961 The Drag Strip 1-16 was released on: USA: 24 January 1962

Where was the first drag strip ever built?

Orange County airport in california

What are the release dates for Hot Wheels - 1969 Drag Strip Slicker-Slicks 1-16?

Hot Wheels - 1969 Drag Strip Slicker-Slicks 1-16 was released on: USA: 20 December 1969

What was the big hog drag line?

The big hog drag line was once the world's largest shovel. It was used for strip mining of coal in Drakesboro, KY.

Who would win a lamborghini or a ferarri?

it would obviously be a drag car as it has a higher rate of acceleration and top speed. a drag car is built to perform on a drag strip where as a Ferrari is built to perform on a race track. this does not mean that a Ferrari is inferior to a drag car as you can race a Ferrari on a drag strip but it is impossible to race a drag car on a racing track

What is the strength of a funny car?

Speed from a standing start to the end of a drag strip 1,000 feet away.

Is there a park that used to be an airport?

Not a park but a drag strip, Morroso and Border dragway both were once railroads