Why is it called sharp principle diffuse and fundamental?

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These designations have to do with the appearance of spectral emission lines, which were said to be "sharp, principal, diffuse and fundamental", before the nature of the electron transition that gave rise to them was properly understood.

The choice of letters s, p, d, f originates from a now-obsolete system of categorizing spectral lines as "sharp", "principal", "diffuse" and "fundamental" (or "fine").

[Cf. 'Related link' at left of this answer: Naming of s, p, d, f -orbitals].
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What else is fundamental frequency called?

\n \n Normal \n 0 \n 21 \n \n \n false \n false \n false \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 \n \n \n\n Fundamental\nfrequency is called the 1st harmonic. The\nfundamental = 1st harmonic is not an overtone.

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in, this is called osmosis . it is a form of passivetransport driven by the higher solute concentration inside the cellthan outside. it requires no energy to run. . out, this is called reverse osmosis . it is a form ofactive transport driven by higher pressure inside the cell thanoutside. it requ ( Full Answer )

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What defines a principle or fundamental policy? my humble statements are nothing but Holyness (all genders/all ages/all races/all Statute =Universal which is eternal, but Godly rightfulminded. BetterTodayWJ

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In the SI, it is DEFINED as a base unit, together with the unit of length, the unit of time, and a few others. Other units are derived from these base units.

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The meaning of "fundamental" is - of or relating to the foundation or base, of great significance. Knowing this makes it obvious - "fundamental" rites are those that are the most significant and at the base of belief.

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The simplest yeast breads begin with nothing more than flour,water and salt that is left, covered only with light cloth to keepout dust and insects. Wild yeasts, which are micro-organisms in theair, gradually colonize and begin a fermentation process in thedough, producing bubbles that make the doug ( Full Answer )

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