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Q: Why is it difficult fo people with crohn's disease to absorb all the nutriants the bana contains?
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Why is it difficult for people with crohn's disease to absorb all the nutrients the banana contains?

Homework eh?

What is carbohydrate deficiency disease?

A disease where your body lacks and does not absorb a lot of carbohydrates.

What are the pathological effects of Hartnup disease?

A defect in intestines and kidneys makes it difficult to break down and absorb protein in the diet. This causes a condition very similar to pellegra (niacin deficiency)

Can you absorb THC through your fingers from rolling joints?

It would be very difficult to absorb while rolling a joint.

What is the name of the disease when one lacks iron in the body?

If you get enough iron in your diet but your body will not absorb it, is from the intestinal disease that is called Crohn's disease or celiac disease.

What tissue contains cells that may absorb or secret substances?


Why do you think the inside of the bone contains spongy matter?

To absorb shock and great pressure.

What domains contains organisms that absorb photosynthesize or ingest food and includes protozoans and algae?


Why does cytochrome c absorb uv and visible light?

It contains amino acids with aromatic groups

What organelle is responsible for solar absorption in plants?

It is the chloroplast.It contains pigment to absorb sun light.

Why are microwave spectra difficult to be observed in case of solids and liquids?

Because solids and liquids absorb it.

Seawater that contains a substance that fishes breathe?

Seawater and fresh water contains oxygen that fish absorb using their gill. So the substance is oxygen.

What thing contains chlorophyll to absorb sunlight?

Photosystems I and II both contain chlorophyll that absorb the light energy. These photosystems are located on the thylakoid membranes inside the chloroplast.

What are the structures that absorb and disperse stress on the spine?

The nucleus of the intervertebral disks absorb and disperse stress on the spine. It contains fibers suspended in a gel somewhat like jelly.

What contains very small amount of ozone?

the ozone layer contains a small amount of ozone. But its enough to absorb some of the suns harmful ultraviolet rays.

Does vegetables contains vitamins and minerals?

Yes, there are vitamins and minerals and vegetables, they absorb them from the ground while they grow.

How do you use rhizoid in a sentence?

Moss contains rhizoids that anchor the moss and absorb water and nutrients from the soil.

What structure in a plant cell contains pigments that absorb energy from sunlight to form sugar molecules?


Why can't you take doxycycline and antacids together?

Antacids contain several ingredients that make it extremely difficult for the body to absorb doxycycline. Two of which are calcium and magnesium. You should also avoid drinking milk due to the high amount of calcium it contains.

Is sodium thiosulphate solution a primary standard?

No. because it contains water of crystallization so it can absorb or release water..

What part of plant is responsible for photosynthesis?

It is about leaves of plants. They contains chloroplasts and release oxygen and absorb Carbon Dioxide.

Why is it very difficult to obtain pure water?

Purified water absorb immediately carbon dioxide fro the atmosphere.

What is a nutrient deficiency disease?

A nutrient deficiency disease is when your body is not consuming the right amount of a certain nutrient, therefor it is deficient. It can also be when your body is unable to absorb nutrients due to an abnormality

Which disease makes the air sacs in the lungs less elastic and thus reducing their ability to absorb oxygen?

Chronic Bronchitis

Does the thylakoid membrane contain chlorophyll and other pigments that absorb sunlight?

yes. it contains chlorophyll, carotenoids phycobilins, and anthocyannins.