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According to Encylopedia Britannica, extreme temperature changes are considered beneficial for circulation and metabolism. ( In theory, saunas are also considered healthy as they open the pores on your skin, thereby allowing them to be more easily cleansed. Sweating, in general, is an excellent way to allow the body to remove toxins an waste that build up in the body. Wet saunas, also known as steam baths or steam rooms, are also considered beneficial for lungs and are frequently recommended for people with breathing difficulties including Asthma. Like anything else, saunas and steam rooms should be used in moderation as prolonged exposure to the heat can be dangerous. If you feel light-headed, dizzy or too hot - you should obviously get out. Also, please sure to check with a doctor if you are uncertain how a sauna will affect certain medical conditions. You can learn more about saunas at the link to the right.

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Q: Why is it healthy to go into a sauna?
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