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The higher the gross margin the more profit you can make. Gross margin is the difference between cost and original sell price of a product. it is you the original conceived profit. Obviously the higher the gross margin the more profit possible. (That is as long as a customer will pay that price!!)

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Q: Why is it important to achieve a high gross margin?
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What are the effects of a decrease in net profit margin?

A decrease in net profit margin means that the business is spending a lot of money on its expenses. The business may still have a high gross income.

What is net profit margin?

Net Profit margin is an indicator of the profitability of an organization. This refers to the actual amount of profit the company makes after deducting taxes and operating expenses. All company's strive to attain a good or rather high net profit margin. A net profit margin is also an indicator of the ability of the organization to control cost and also a good pricing strategy.Formula:Net Profit Margin = (Net Profit (After Taxes)/ Revenue) * 100%Note: It is easy to confuse gross profit margin and net profit margin. Gross profit is the amount of money left after paying for the operating expenditure. Net profit is the amount of money left after paying for operating expenses as well as government taxes. This is the actual amount of profit that goes into your pocket.

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Buying on margin is profitable in a bull market especially when the stocks pay a high dividend.

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