Why is it important to brush your teeth in the night?

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So you remove the plaque bacteria before you sleep. During sleep salivary flow is less and the bacteria just stays in one place. Saliva is a double edged sword: We need it to break down our food and keep bacteria flowing rather than stagnant, but at the same time saliva is filled with plaque bacteria. However, it is still better to have saliva flowing rather than stagnant.
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How do you brush your teeth?

Using a soft-bristle brush (or rotating, or ultrasonic), brush away from the gumline thoroughly, on inside (lingual), outside, and chewing surfaces. The aim is to remove soft accumulations of bacteria and tartar before they harden into plaque (which would harbor enamel-damaging bacteria and irritate ( Full Answer )

Brushing your teeth is important?

yes it is, if you dont brush, your teeth becomes yellow and discolored and your teeth will begin to rot. my mom always told me that unless i want to have teeth, i better brush up. so yesss brushing is very important.

How do you brush teeth?

You get a toothbrush from yoiur local drug store or super market, put a blob of toothpaste onto the brush, run under cold tap water and brush your teeth up and down, then when your done spit all the toothpaste out and rinse. Clean your teeth for 4 mins.

Why do you brush your teeth?

To prevent decay and periodontal disease. It's a lot cheaper and less painful than major dental work.

Brush your Teeth?

you brush your teeth once a year hello i am fix this answer ello mate lol what she said

Why is it important to brush your teeth?

It is important to brush your teeth because else plaque will build up between and on the surface of your teeth then eventually they will erode and you will need fillings.

Why do you have to brush your teeth?

because it improves your health by getting rid of germs..It also aids in visual appeal. . answer 2 If you don't brush your teeth, a 'film of plaque bacteria' will build up over all the exposed tooth surfaces. Also, in your saliva are chemicals and minerals intended to aid in the healing of pre-car ( Full Answer )

Why is brushing your teeth with toothpaste important?

In my professional opinion, toothpaste is largely overrated. Most commercial toothpastes have fluoride, an ingredient shown to reduce tooth decay in children. Other than that, toothpaste is little more than mouth freshener. You can usually keep your mouth and teeth clean and healthy simply by brushi ( Full Answer )

When to brush your teeth?

You should brush your teeth at leat 3 times a day in the morning, in the afternoon, and at night. If you wear braces you should brush more often to get food out of your braces. Every single day of the moment.

Is it important to brush your teeth?

It is important to brush your teeth because plaque can build up on your teeth. When enough plaque builds up on a tooth it can form a hole in your tooth known as a "cavity". A cavity causes bad breath, and its very embarrising when you open your mouth.

Why is it the best way to brush your teeth at night?

It is best to brush your teeth at night because it not only kills plaque but it keeps you from getting cavities in your teeth and takes all the food from that day out of your teeth.If you don't brush your teeth they will turn yellowish then a very dark yellow then black rooten and start to fall out. ( Full Answer )

Why is brushing your teeth important?

teeth brushing is important because if you don't brush them your teeth will be unhealthy and your breath will stink its the same thing like eating if you don't eat your body will be unhealthy

When is it better to brush your teeth - in the night or in the morning?

At night is definitely better because you'll not gonna eat anything til morning and your teeth produces acid. It will mix with the food in between and on the teeth and will build a layer on top of your teeth and as a result, it might harm your teeth. Morning is important too but at night is better, ( Full Answer )

What is the importance of brushing your teeth everyday?

This is necessary to prevent the accumulation of plague in the around the teeth. Accumulation of plague for long periods of time could cause the formation of tartar and may result in the loosening teeth. Further negligence will eventually lead to tooth lost.

What do you brush your teeth with after wisdom teeth removal?

The first few hours, or the night of surgery, a sensitive bristle toothbrush and toothpaste of your choice. However, do not rinse your mouth for 24 hours, smoke, or suck on a straw or other material. The sucking motion may dislodge the needed bloodclot in the tooth socket. (the place where the tooth ( Full Answer )

Why do brush your teeth?

You brush your teeth because anything you drink or eat either contain sweeteners or acid which build up plaque. Plaque builds a substance on your teeth and can cause the experience of your teeth turning a orangery yellow and can cause gum disese or a painful visit to the dentist. If you don't brush ( Full Answer )

How do you brush you teeth?

1. Take the toothbrush 2. Run it under the water 3. Put toothpaste on the bristles 4. Put it in your mouth and scrub all your teeth 5. Wash the Toothbrush 6. Put it back 7. Spit out the toothpaste 8. Wash your mouth out with water

Why is brushing your teeth so important?

because if you dont you will have a bad mouth, and you might have to kep going to the dentist, and keep getting your cavities filled, and maybe braces

Why is it important to brush and floss your teeth?

Because if you don't, your teeth will be come bad and hard to deal with afterwards. It's important to brush because stuff will start collecting on your teeth and weaken them, and it's hard to fix them later. It's important to floss because stuff collects in between your teeth, and can create lar ( Full Answer )

Do toddlers need to brush their teeth?

Yes. But proper instruction is needed to prevent harm to sensitive gums. Parents should brush the child's teeth through the age of two and show how it is done properly. Pointing out areas that the child is not brushing is important, and there are special disclosing tablets that will show this.

Did medieval peasants brush their teeth?

Not the way we do. They used willow twigs and beech tree twigs to clean the teeth. Actually, they work pretty well because there is a chemical in them that does well when chewed and helps the teeth. There are people today who still use this old method. They don't need too either, we brought teeth ( Full Answer )

How does brushing your teeth help?

because brushing takes away plaque and it will stop the cause of gingivitis plus if u think about the chocolate cake or something u had it is on your teeth but if u have fruits and veggies wont do any damage to your teeth so brush your teeth

Why important to brush your teeth?

It is more important to maintain a good diet, eat like an animal but act like a human being should be the norm.

How important is brushing teeth to teenage girls?

It's just as important as it is to anyone else with their perminent adult teeth. If you don't brush your teeth you're just inviting high dental bills and alot of needless pain.

Advantages of brushing teeth at night?

In human mouth, in 1 ml of saliva there are 10 crores of microbes(bacteria, fungi...).but that is needed for our immunity...so the foreign germs will be killed.When we brush in morning...and we take breakfast and lunch...snacks, drinks and all in daytime...food particles remain in mouth..so the micr ( Full Answer )

Who brushes your teeth?

The great majority of people brush their own teeth. Infants and toddlers usually have a parent to brush the teeth. Very old people usually have an orderly or nursing aide brush their teeth.

Can you brush your teeth after you have wisdom teeth removed?

You can brush your teeth the night of surgery but rinse gently.The day after surgery you should begin rinsing at least 5-6 times a day especially after eating with a cup of warm water mixed with a teaspoon ofsalt. Visit wisdomteethsydney.com.au/

Why it is important to brush your teeth?

If you do not brush your teeth regularly, you are prone to getting gum diseases--like gingivitis--and plaque, and your gums become swollen. You will get yellow teeth and disgusting breath. Plus, having a dirty mouth will NOT help your health, either. Studies show that not keeping your teeth clean co ( Full Answer )

When you brush your teeth your teeth hurt?

The reason your teeth may hurt is because you may not brush your teeth enough, or you just need to make sure you don't put very much pressure on your gums when you are brushing. If that doesn't work, you should go and buy a softer bristle tooth brush. It will surely make a difference.

What happens if you don't brush your teeth at night?

The sugar from all the food you have eaten in the day will turn into plaque and the micro organisms will multiply which is not good for your teeth plus it does not feel nice in the morning when you wake up This may be the case on a diet of processed food but given a sugar-free, healthy diet conta ( Full Answer )

How does brushing your teeth brush your teeth?

Well your doing a good ,thing and ,most older people have fake teeth because of years of unbrushed teeth so brushing your teeth is a really goo thing for you,if you want to keep all your teeth.;) ,

How do you brush dogs teeth with out tooth brush?

Someone might say "just use your fingers". But I do not recommend that.Dogs bite (even people they love if they get annoying enough - how wouldyou like someone shoving a finger in your mouth?). Fingers also cannotreach the tiny gaps in between teeth. If you do not wish to use atoothbrush, you can b ( Full Answer )