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Q: Why is it important to keep fresh water clean and free of contamination?
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Why is it important for Canada and the US to keep the Great Lakes clean?

they need to keep it clean because it is a lot of fresh water. and you can't live without water. if the great lakes are dirty then there goes a lot o the worlds fresh water. And because we drink this water.

Why is it important to keep the great lakes clean?

The Great Lakes are a valuable resource for the people living around them. All fresh water resources need to be kept unpolluted and clean. People fish, boat, swim, camp, and live around the water in the lakes and pollution kills animals, people, and bird/ water life.

Is fresh water dirty?

Fresh water is not dirty because it is fresh and clean

Why is the Columbia River important?

it provides clean hydroelectric energy, fresh water, and it is a renewable source

Is Fresh water always clean water?

no some fresh water has sewage in it

Which water is healthiest for you?

Clean fresh water

Does salt water clean better than fresh water?

Fresh water ..... lol

What are the advantages of fresh water?

its clean.

Why are waterfalls important?

Water falls are important because they purify water. Without purified water animals could die.

Why was a source of fresh water important to the colonists?

The body needs water to survive and can only go 3 days without it. Animals and plants also need water. So, a fresh clean water supply was necessary.

How do you clean a LIVE fish?

clean the tank and while you are doing that put it in a small bowl but with enough room to swim with fresh water but make sure that if it is a fresh water its in fresh water if it is salt water it is in salt water

Should you leave a horse with fresh clean water at all times?

Yes! Horses should always have access to fresh, clean water!