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Arteries carry large volumes of blood. By applying pressure in the correct spot you can slow the loss of blood and allow blood to clot.

In a severe injury, this could save a life.

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Q: Why is it important to put pressure over the arterial pressure point nearest to the injury?
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What type of injury has spurting red blood?

Arterial bleeding/laceration

What is the reason for emergency amputations?

Injury and arterial embolisms are the main reasons for emergency amputations.

Why is it important that blood pressure drops to lower levels as it reaches the capillary beds?

to reduce injury to endothelium

If an injury caused damage to the insertion of the biceps brachii muscle the injury would be nearest?

the elbow

Can you use your cane on the injured side?

no, because if you use your cane on your injured side you have to lean on the cane which puts pressure on your injury. if you have the cane on the opposite side as your injury then you can put pressure on that side which will relax your injury

How can you get gangrene?

Gangrene can be caused by diabetes, atherosclerosis, peripheral arterial disease, trauma or injury, and Raynaud's disease. It can also be caused by an infection that is not treated.

How to stop wrist blood flow?

=We cannot stop blood flow, we can only control it!==To control blood flowing from an injury to the wrist - put some gloves on, wrap a bandage around the wrist to covor the injury, apply pressure to the injury site, elevate the injury higher than the heart and apply pressure to the brachial pressure point.=

Why is putting a bandage important?

Putting on a bandage is important so your injury doesn't get germs but although letting your injury get some air willl let your injury heal faster

Why is a warmup routine important?

to prevent injury.

For an injury with profuse bleeding apply pressure and call for assistance?


What are the methods of controlling bleeding?

elevation pressure points direct pressure to injury the very last resort is a tourniquet.

What are the differences between arterial and venous thrombosis?

Arterial thrombosis is associated with an atherosclerotic plaque being ruptured. It is hence associated with high pressure arteries. The thrombus is made of many platelets and contains little fibrin. It can lead to stroke or acute myocardial infarction in the most severe cases. Venous thrombosis is caused by vessel injury or static blood flow in a low-pressure venous system. The thrombus is made of fibrin and red blood cells with very little platelets. It can detach to form an embolus and may cause pulmonary embolism.

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