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Q: Why is it important to reach productivity targets development targets and timescales in salon?
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How do you prioritize targets and set timescales?

How to prioritise targets and set timescales

How do you agree realistic targets and achievable timescales for own work?

Setting impossible demands may quicken reaching goals but can also cause failure with long lasting impact. Setting realistic targets and achievable timescales will allow for long term success.

How do you prioritize targets and set timescales at work?

It is important to prioritise targets and set timescales in order to effectively manage your workload. By prioritising your workload you will be able to identify which tasks/jobs have to be carried out first as they will be either more important or urgent than the others. If you set timescales for your workload then you will be able to see if you are spending too much time on a certain area rather than moving on to other more pressing matters.

Relationship bet quality and productivity under lean philosophy?

Under the Lean Thinking angle of view, Quality and Productivity are the 2 sides of the same medal. They go hand-in-hand. They are allied, not enemies. They are not antithetic.The lean philosophy targets at maximising both Quality and Productivity because it targets at maximising Value: Quality and Productivity are the 2 most essential ingredients of Value.Under the Lean philosophy, improving the one at the expenses of the other would be "handicapped".

What is the difference between rural development and agricultural development?

Rural development focuses on improving overall quality of life in rural areas by addressing social, economic, and environmental factors beyond agriculture. Agricultural development specifically targets enhancing agricultural productivity, efficiency, and sustainability. While agricultural development is a component of rural development, the latter encompasses broader aspects like infrastructure, education, healthcare, and governance in rural areas.

Has Ukraine met it's nation millennium development goal targets?


Function of triiodothyronine?

The Thryroid Gland secrets Thyoxine and it targets all tissues and its action is to increase metabolic rate, regulars growth and development.

Productivity is an important tool for managers as it helps them to track progress towards the more efficient use of resources in producing goods and services Elucidate?

Productivity may be defined as output produced per unit of input resources used. It is more a measurement of efficiency and performance of work managed rather than a tool of management. Improvement in productivity and that in efficient use of resources, may be considered one and the same thing. However we may use measurements of productivity as a means of setting targets for and monitoring efficiency and performance. This definitely helps in inproving efficiency. In this way planning and monitoring of productivity can be considered an useful tool for improving efficiency.

How important is budget?

So we have our targets set and do not over spend.

Why is it necessary to control a marketing strategy by using targets?

It is important to set targets in marketing strategy. It enables the management to analyse the progress after implementation. If the targets are not been met, management will need to investigate the cause.

Why it is necessary that they will be communication between the administrative manager and subordinates?

To ensure subordinates are achieveing targets and goals and ensure their well being as well as to improve their motivation and subsequently increase their productivity

What are the theories of Henry L Gantt?

Henry L. Gantt is known for his contributions to management theory, particularly the development of the Gantt chart, which is a visual tool used for planning and scheduling projects. He also developed the concept of task and bonus system, which aimed to incentivize workers to increase productivity by rewarding them with bonuses for reaching specific targets. Additionally, Gantt emphasized the importance of cooperation between workers and management to improve productivity and overall effectiveness in organizations.