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Q: Why is it important to strengthen the often weak unused muscles of the back of body?
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Why is it important to strengthen the often weak unused muscles of the back posterior of the body?

Without a good ciculatory "pump" brought to the area by a workout, the ligaments between the vertebrae in the back will deteriorate and weaken, until the individual is too weak and in pain to walk anymore.

What are the benefits of kegel exercises?

Kegel exercises are beneficial in that they help control the muscles which control ones bladder. Women who are pregnant often do kegel exercises to help strengthen their pelvic muscles.

What are medicine ball exercise?

Medicine balls are weighted balls almost 14 inches in diameter and are most often used to strengthen the muscles in the arms through various movements.

What kind of exercises can help My mother has stress urine incontinence?

For stress related urine incontinence you should do pelvic floor exercises as they strengthen the muscles that help to control the bladder and you do not have the urge to urinate so often.

How do you pay off a car that cost 1.5 million dollars in 5 years?

The French call it fumer le cegare. You will need to strengthen your jaw muscles, because you are going to be doing it often over the next 5 years.

How allometry is an adaptation?

Cheese is very delicious and can often strengthen u

Do muscles contain fat?

Muscles do not contain fat; fat is stored in adipose tissue, which is separate from muscle tissue. However, muscle tissue can be surrounded by fat deposits, especially in individuals with higher body fat percentages.

The names of muscles often indicate the action of the muscle what does the term levator mean?

The names of muscles often indicate the action of the muscle. What does the term levator mean?

Parents in renesanse Italy carfully arranged marriages often to do what?

Strengthen business or family ties

How do you toughen your hands and feet for martial arts?

For the hands it is a good idea to hit the ropes, and make climbing up and down the rope a routine. It toughens the skin and strengthens the muscles which are both important in any martial arts. For the feet, running barefoot might do the trick. Just remember not to run long distances, and keep off the paved roads. Neither of them is good for your joints and can cause small fractures to the bones if taken to the extreme. Karateka commonly use the Makiwara, a board covered with rope to strengthen the hands and to insure proper technique. Bundles of straw are often 'speared' with the fingers to strengthen them.

What muscles could be affected by weakness?

The muscles most often affected are those that are near the central part of the body, such as muscles of the chest and the upper arms and legs.

How hard you work your muscles is called frequency?

No, frequency is about how often.