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It is not necessary.

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Q: Why is it necessary to dry the ice before adding to the water?
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Why is it necessary to dry grains before storing them?

It is necessary to dry the grains before storing them as ithey will be spoilt of not dried.

What can be the hypothesis for dry ice bowling when adding water to it?

Water is hottest.

Why is it necessary to dry residual water with calcium chloride before distillation of tert-butyl chloride?

Tert-butyl chloride is not soluble in water. A solution is necessary to perform a distillation.

Why is it necessary to dry ice before adding to water in an experiment?

Because if the ice is wet then you've got ice and water there and 1 these have different thermal properties 2 you won't necessarily know the amount of water that's there so if you assume the weight of "ice" is all ice your results will be wrong.

Should you dry a peach seed before you plant it?

Not necessary

Is it necessary to dry clean the conical flask before use?


If a cell in a wet cell battery goes dry can it be revived by adding distilled water?

yes with distilled water

When is it necessary to feed houseplants?

Feed plants a small amount every time you water them. It's best not to let them get bone dry before rewatering them unless they are cactus.

What does reddish sun has water in his eye before long you won't be dry mean?

what does it mean if a reddish sun has water in his eyes;before long you won't be dry

Why must a test tube be dry before adding sodium metal?

The sodium is very reactive with water. Exothermic reaction, lots of heat and fire. See the related question below.

Why is it necessary to dry your product after esterication?

Water will be the byproduct of esterification and hence the product should be dried (to remove water).

Why does acid indicator change color after dry ice is added to water?

Adding dry ice to water a solution of carbonic acid is formed, the pH decrease and the color of indicator is changed.

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