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the theme of how killing a mockingbird is a sin is how it relates. mocking bird's do nothing but make lovely music- as described similarily by ms maudie, so to kill them would be senseless. by killing mockingbirds you are destroying innocence and as tom was innocent, his death was like the senseless slaughter of mockingbirds- or song birds.

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Mr. Underwood's comparison of Tom and death to the senseless slaughter of Songbirds highlights the injustice and tragedy of their deaths. This metaphor emphasizes the vulnerability and innocence of the victims, as well as the brutality and lack of value placed on their lives. Additionally, it underscores the pervasive racism and violence that permeate society, ultimately condemning such acts as cruel and unnecessary.

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Q: Why is it significant that Mr Underwood describes Tom and death as the senseless slaughter of songbirds in his editorial?
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What was the subject of mr. underwoods editorial?

Mr. Underwood's editorial was about the senseless killing of Tom Robinson and how it was a sin to kill cripples. He expressed his belief that it's a sin to kill any mockingbird.

What did Mr Underwood editorial say?

Mr. Underwood's editorial in "To Kill a Mockingbird" voiced his strong support for Atticus Finch and criticized the town for condemning Tom Robinson without fair trial. He compared Tom's death to the senseless killing of a mockingbird, emphasizing the injustice and loss of innocence in the situation.

What does mr underwoods editorial day about Tom?

Mr. Underwood's editorial defends Tom Robinson's character and condemns his unjust conviction. He argues that Tom was an innocent victim of racial prejudice and the flawed justice system in Maycomb. Underwood likens Tom's death to the murder of a mockingbird, symbolizing innocence destroyed by senseless violence.

Why does Mr Underwood claim it was a senseless killing?

Mr. Underwood claims it was a senseless killing because Tom Robinson was shot and killed when he could have easily been captured and brought to trial. As a respected newspaper editor, Mr. Underwood is highlighting the injustice that occurred by emphasizing the unnecessary and brutal nature of Tom Robinson's death.

In his editorial in The Maycomb Tribune Mr Underwood likens Tom Robinsons death to?

In his editorial, Mr. Underwood likens Tom Robinson's death to the senseless slaughter of songbirds by hunters, indicating the injustice and tragedy of Robinson's circumstances being killed while trying to escape prison. The comparison highlights the loss of innocence and the violation of basic human rights in the unjust outcome.

How does Mr. Underwood feel about Tom's death?

Mr. Underwood wrote a passionate editorial in the Maycomb Tribune praising Tom Robinson's moral character and condemning his unjust death, comparing it to the "senseless slaughter of songbirds by hunters and children." This suggests that he deeply disapproves of Tom's death and sees it as a tragic injustice.

What does mr. Underwood say in his editorial?

Mr. Underwood's editorial in "To Kill a Mockingbird" expresses his strong support for Atticus Finch's defense of Tom Robinson. He denounces the racism and injustice present in Maycomb and praises Atticus for his courage in taking on such a controversial case. Underwood compares Tom's trial to a "deadly insult" and highlights the hypocrisy of Maycomb's residents.

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