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Why is it so difficult to find a good looking single christian woman?


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July 30, 2009 9:26PM

It is a shame that the previous user "Ryan74" chose to treat this question with such contempt. I would comment on the frankly childlike grammar, but let me begin with saying this: Men who become Christians and who struggle with the burden of finding a suitable Christian mate, especially after the wealth of choice in their old lives, ought to be catered for more sufficiently than this. Whoever wrote this question is dealing with an age old problem - that of a small fish pond. There is nothing in the bible to say that one should not find their chosen partner "good looking" and in fact, the Songs of Solomon would not have been written without an appreciation of the aesthetic. It is no accident that we do find members of the opposite sex attractive, and we should not be chastised for doing so. Women are told in the New testament to "adorn themselves modestly". All forms of adornment are to enhance the female appearance, and God clearly sees the female form as something to be both appreciated and taken care of. So why is it so difficult to find a good looking single Christian woman? well... the answer is in your wealth of criteria. If you were just looking for a woman, then you have 50% of the population to satisfy you -the problem is that you specify a good deal more. What you find good looking already limits the numbers available in your limited sphere of searching. Add to this the fact that they need to be single AND a christian, and you start to see why your search may be seeing a thin set of results. What you have ommited in this question is in fact the most problematic question of all - "does she like me"? You could find the perfect person as stated above, and you haven't even set about fulfilling HER criteria. Maybe she has a similar question on here too!? It is worth also stating that as one gets older, the availability of Christian women, like all women, diminishes. A lot of Christians, both male and female, get married early. Thus the older you are, the less selection there is. I hope this is a more satisfactory answer to the one from the unloving chap above. The real answer of course is that God has a hand on your life, and when you are supposed to meet the right person you will. Keep praying. God will answer you. God bless.