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Why is it so hard for teens to get a job?

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Most of the time, people that are doing the hiring might want someone who is older and not looking for just a summer job. Also other teens that work give a bad name to the good ones. Alot of teens are late for work or they just don't do a good job. That is some of the many reasons why it is so hard for teens to get a good job.

2006-07-03 01:28:00
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How hard is it for the members of the executive branch so hard for them to get there job there?

how hard is it for the members of the executive so hard to get a job there

Why is it a good thing for teens to get a job?

they will get a sence of how hard it is to work,extra credit in university, and they will need the money

Job applications for teens that are 14?

a job application for teens that are 14 in baton rouge louisiana...

Where could you find a job for pre-teens?

in most places you have to be fifteen before you can get a job

Can you get a job in your teens?

Yea, once your 16 You can also get a good summer job if you look at places like CVS or Walgreens. With so much competition these days, it helps if you know somebody. The good thing about getting a job in your teens is that put simply, a job is a job. You will get paid weekly or biweekly and you will have the chance to become a permanent employee if you work hard and if you prove you are responsible. Many CVS managers and executives started out in customer service.

What is a good job for teens?

=Well yeah the choice is yours but==pick a job that you are interested in!==its so much better 2 like the job!=

What did the teens have a job?

Yes teens can get jobs from many places.

What objective in finding job?

This question was under the 'Jobs for Teens' category so I'm assuming a teenager is asking job.

How much do teens make yearly?

that all depends on the job they do so there is no 1 complete answer

How hard is it to get a job after high school in today's economy?

It is very hard for teens right now because the economy is very bad and stores are closeing down and school budgets are low

Why do teens get jobs?

Teens get jobs because they have to feel independent. Sometime they need cash in their pocket so they get a job to get cash. Rather than going out & selling drugs.

What percentage of teens are employed?

About 60% of teens are employed yet it depends on the job they apply for

Why do teens work?

I believe teens work, as in getting a job, because most of them need the money. Also, some may get work to get away from family or friends. Teens need money to do things they want and they know they aren't going to get everything from mommy and daddy when they are older. So, a job is the next step.

Why do teens smoke?

Teens usually smoke because someone thinks they will be cooler and when they smoke they are almost always hooked. So, once you have started smoking, it is very hard to quit again... so don't start!

Percentage of teens that listen to metal?

Around 10% of teens listen to hard rock or metal genre. I personally LOVE metal and hate rap so screw rap.

What percentage of teens have gonorrhea?

it is hard to prove the exact percentage but around 1% will have it so remember use a condom and you wont get it0 percent of teens have gonorrhea, you can't get as a teen

What is the most popular job for teens?


Can students get a job as tutors?

Yes Teens Can Get A Job As A Tutor At School At Collage

Is it hard to get a job as a special education teacher?

no it is not getting a job because if you r edicated then u can just get because their r some students that have a problem so it will change their life so it is not hard

Why do ten year olds want a job?

they want a job because they are jealous of teens

Do most retail stores have part time job opportunities for teens?

Yes, Most retail stores are the first job teens take. They are easy and provide a little extra income to a teen still in school. The job also teaches teens a little about how to handle the public and responsibility.

What type of music do teens listen to?

teens have diffrent taste and opinon. sometimes they change there minds so its really hard to know what type of music they like. but mostly its r&b nowardays.

Who has the worst job on WikiAnswers?

Everybody that has been working so hard on WA has gotten badges or points. So there is no worst job on WA.

Is sports management hard job?

Yes it is hard job

What percent of teens have a job?

in recent studies it has been found that 63% of teens in the U.S. have some source of income.