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Why is it that boys always have to lie?

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βˆ™ 2010-04-07 21:41:57

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Boys lie because they have nothing better to do so they lie to you. Which is the dumdes thing you could do to a girl. So boys think they are in power when they lie to you.


boys lie to hide there secret life...if there cheating on you they lie to make u think otherwise..basically to hide the fact that they are..sometimes boys lie to prevent you from getting hurt because the truth hurts at times but a lie stings u forever..

2010-04-07 21:41:57
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Q: Why is it that boys always have to lie?
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Do boys lie about liking you?

Yes, it is in a boys nature to lie about it


when boys lie to you, you know because it's either in their face or they are acting strangely. they try to change the subject if you ask them if they're lying and never say that they were lying, they always say that they are telling the truth.

Why do boys lie to girls?

For the same reasons girls lie to boys. Either they like him/her

Why do boys lie so much?

They lie just as much as everyone else, everyone is different. some boys lie cause that's all they know how to do

If Someone says that they always lie are they telling the truth Or are they lying?

If I said "I always lie" and it's true, then I have spoken the truth and I don't always lie.By the same token if I say "I always lie" and it's a lie, then I say the truth sometimes.The man lies when he says he always lies.

Why do teenage boys always play with their testicles?

Masturbation is very common between 12-18.... 95% of Americans do it, the other 5% lie about it.

Why do guys say they love you but thewhy dont mean it and why do they always tend to lie to u?

cause boys like to sniff a lot of clams

What does the center of a circle lie on?

It will always lie on a diameter.

Do all girls lie?

All girls don't lie, but some do. All girls don't always tell the truth, but some do. The same for all boys. There are very few absolutes in life, and this isn't one of them.

Do boys or girls lie more in a dating relationships in middle school?

The boys, generally.

Who lie most girls or boys?

I think boys lie more because if you would ask them where they were going, they would say to work and then all you see is that they come home drunk from a club or something :P But girls lie too...they might lie about there BFs or something

When do you use lay or lie in a sentence?

i always lay down and i lie on my bed when im tired i always lay down and i lie on my bed when im tired

Why do men always lie to you?

I'm male, and I don't lie to people...

Why are boys liars?

Not Just BoysNot all boys lie, just the same as not all girls lie. There are those from both genders who lie and those who are honest. As for why people lie, the reasons are varied. It might be that they think telling the truth will cause problems or hurt someone, or they might not want someone to know the truth for any number of reasons, or it might be another reason.

Why girls lie a lot more than boys?

Both girls and boys can lie equally and it is not simply girls who lie a lot. Some boys are more apt to eye girls or go out with one girl and cheat on her and lie about more often than some girls would because most girls are more romantically inclined even if their dreams of what love is about is fantasized.

What is the issue until boys and girls be separated in different discussion room?

The issue is that boys and girls can lie

Why do boys lie more in a dating relationships?

They want to impress you.

Does the internet always lie?


What are fagets?

Fagets are what you call boys that always are flirting with other boys or is always being nasty to them

If boys hit you and call you names do they love you?

they relly lie u

Why do girls say they love people but boys dont?

that's a lie.

How do giraffes lie down?

they always stand

Why did you just lie?

I always tell the truth.

Why is it always snowing?

That's a lie and you know it.

Do you lie when you fart?

I always tell the truth.