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So you will think it's all downhill from where you are.

Because it's too confusing to define "down". If down was a specific direction, like north, people would have to whip out a compass every time they say "down the hall". It's about relativity.


On the other hand, "down the hall" means the same thing as being farther "up the hall", even in Australia. So it is just a case of providing a direction other than pointing and saying "there". Very few people use the alternative, which is "farther along", or possibly "further along".


Because the tallest point in the hall is the top of your head.

Sometimes the choice of up or down is just a state of mind, when you want to go (up) someplace as opposed to where you don't want to go (down). In this case, the choice is arbitrary.

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Q: Why is it that no matter which end of the hall you are standing the other end is always down the hall?
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