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Mostlyfrom the spraying pressure of the ejaculation. An average ejaculation containsless than a teaspoon-full of semen

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2007-04-25 05:20:03
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Q: Why is it that when a guy ejaculates in your mouth it feels like there is so much but then when you go to swallow it it feels like there is barely any?
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What should I do when he ejaculates in my mouth?

Swallow it

How do you swallow your husbands semen after he ejaculates?

When giving oral sex (blow job) if he ejaculates in your mouth then you swallow it? It's not hard

How do you keep from choking while doing oral when the man ejaculates?

Make sure that his head is in the upper fornt part of your mouth so that you can swallow it when he ejaculates.

What does it mean when your boyfriend wants you to swallow?

It means your boyfriend wants you to perform oral sex on him until he ejaculates in your mouth.

Girl stomach pain ejaculates in a mouth?

If a guy ejaculates in your mouth and you swallow it, it shouldn't hurt your stomach unless he has some sort of infection that maybe he doesn't know about. I'd suggest a visit to the doctor and ask him what he thinks it is.

What to do if he ejaculates in your mouth?

its up to you. my girlfriend swallows but she likes to, if you dont want it in ur mouth tell him not to cum in your mouth and if i dont mind but u dont want to swallow well then just spit it out

What happens when a boy ejaculates into another boy's mouth?

The taste of a boys ejaculate is salty so if you don't like that flavour then you can spit it out or if you like it you can swallow it.

What happens when you keep nuts in your mouth?

You Swallow Or you slobber Or your mouth chokes You Swallow Or you slobber Or your mouth chokes

How does it feel when a man ejaculates in your mouth?

Warm and slightly salty

How do they snakes swallow things hole?

snakes have a unique mouth that helps the mouth to swallow it whole

What is main function of mouth?

The main fountion in the mouth is the gullet. It is the part of the mouth which you swallow . Before you swallow you chew until the food gets smaller, then the food mixes with siliver and turns most ,then you can swallow.

Is sugar digested in the mouth?

no it is not because when you put it in your mouth you have to swallow

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