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The baby is probably pressing up against some nerves when it kicks.

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Q: Why is it that when the baby kicks it feels like an electrical shock?
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Cramps and feels like kicks what is it?

a baby

What does it feel like when the baby kicks?

When you go on a roller coaster and you get the butter fly's. That is what it feels like.

How does it feel when the baby kicks at sixteen weeks?

Feels pretty much like a pop. Sometimes you can actually see your stomach popping up and down depending on how often the fetus kicks or move.

Your lower belly feels heavy but you do feel the baby kicks hard on your ribs and towards up what does this mean?

Don't worry. You are ok. Is it a girl?

Are you supposed to feel the baby move in your private area when it kicks or moves?

Depending on how the baby is positioned. If your baby is in the breach postion. When the baby kicks you will most likely feel it in your privates.

When baby stop kicks?

Call doctor.

How can you know when the baby kicks?

If you are the mother you will feel it for sure. Other people can feel it too thru your stomach as the kicks get stronger as the baby grows.

I am 32 weeks pregnant and have been having what feels like a faint stomach ache sort of like bruising The baby is moving all the time though should you be concerned?

my baby kicks very hard and regularly 2 hours

When should you feel baby kick?

At 5 months you can feel your baby moves or kicks.

You felt electric shock from washing machine on 16th day of you are there any problem or defects for baby's growth.ELECTRIC SHOCK EFFECTS BABY?

No. Highly, highly unlikely. I'm guessing you're talking about a little electro-static shock from the washing machine- nothing at all to worry about. If it was some sort of real electrical shock, such as a frayed electrical cord becoming wet and really knocking you out from the surge of electrical power pulsing through your body, then perhaps possibly, but I'd be much more worried that you were alright! If you're really still concerned, talk to your OB-GYN.

What happens to mothers stomachs when the baby kicks?

Nothing happens to the mothers stomach, when the baby kicks. It is one of the best feeling the mother enjoys. Fathers do not have privilege to enjoy this feeling.

Is the baby g shock smaller then the g shock?

Yes. Baby-G are ~46mm wide. That's 10-15mm less than typical G-shock.

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