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Why is it that you always end up with a guy that treats you really bad?

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Because that's what kind of guys you have always had, so your going to be attracted to only jerks.And u probley blow off the nice ones cause ur not use to guys treating u like that.

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2002 eiger 400 with 650 miles on it it has always had a bad roar in the rear end is there an adjustment you can do to correct this.

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he feels really bad that he is putting Bella in danger and he feels really bad that she can`t live a normal human life with him around and "is too selfish to leave her"

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it was creating really bad arguments and he didn't want people to get hurt... :I

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Because there is an implied "is" at the end, making "she" the subject of a clause. What you are really saying is "My mother always says no one is as blessed as she is."

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Itachi always did when he killed his clan he didn't choose to Mardara made him, but he couldn't kill Sasuke so we let him go

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Werewolves are not always the bad guys. In Harry Potter there was a particularly nice werewolf (Lupin). But they are mostly portrayed as the bad guy because they make the humans freak out with the fangs and claws and stuff. Sometimes, the werewolves eat one or two of the people because it's in their nature, which makes the humans hate them and usually end up dying or getting killed in the end.

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