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American English may seem more popular as it is used a lot in the Media and TV Shows but generally around the world, more countries do actually speak a variation of British English. This is because America has never had its own colonies in which it could spread American English which is different to the British who introduced British English to all of their colonies around the world during the British Empire.

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Q: Why is it the American English more popular than british English?
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Is American or British english more widely used?

British English is much more widely used.

How do you translate English words into American?

There's no such thing as "American." American English is a dialect of English that is more has more than 95% lexical similarity to British English.

Which English is more used in Pakistan-American English or British English?

British English. It is prevalent since the time of the British.

Which is more grammatically correct American or British English?

They are both correct. Note: Cambridge uses British English.

Does the loyalist feel more English or American?

English. They left the fledgling US for British colonies because they remained loyal, so it stands to reason they felt more British than American.

What is a English language?

English!! the language im typing in! if you wanto to be more specific, try british English and American English..

How many people speak English English and American English?

American English is more popular. Maybe if you combine India and Britain, you have more British Speakers, but American English is still more popular. In fact, English evolves like everything. From British we moved west to California, the last Frontier in the English Language. From here, we move out to the world in an advanced state care of Google, and Silicon Valley Venture Wonderlands and the San Francisco Bay Area, and ok, L.A. From this advanced state we turn to what I call International English, which no one seems to want to talk about. Regardless, English is dynamic. I believe American English is more popular. But be careful. This will change over time. The essential is to learn the grammar. That will not change too fast. The rest of your learning, with sounds and idioms, should wait until you arrive in your destination English land. For now, study the grammar! The reading, the writing. And trust me. Listen to the far west American Speech. That is Standard American English. Thankks! Orcas are cool

Does stewie from Family Guy speak british English or American English?

Since he has an English accent, he would speak British English more than American English (though he does do both). He says a lot of British words like blast! and bloody hell! if you pay attention youll notice.

Can American English or British English ever be considered more acceptable than the other?

It isn't- i mean, who doesn't love someone who has a British accent?

Of the American dialects the Southern dialect is the closest to British English?

No, American English is pretty distinct from British English at this point, especially what most people think of as a Southern dialect. The closest dialect of American English to British English (I assume you mean BBC British, because British dialects get more disparate the farther down the social ladder they go) is probably something in New England very near the East Coast, or maybeupper-class coastal Southern English. The problem is that the accents have remained more similar than the dialects have.

Does british English contain more archaic words than American English?

In general, yes, although some words used in American English date back to the settlement of North America and no longer used in British English- so some "Americanisms" are in fact archaic English words.

How do you pronounce 'short' in American English?

Pretty much the same as British and Australian English, but say the "R" more.

Is it correct to say learned or learnt?

Both are correct. Learned is more common in American English, and British English uses learnt.

Is zucchini a vegetable's?

Zucchini (American English) or courgette (British English) is a summer squash. In Britain, we are more likely to call it a marrow!

What were the stereotypes that the English had about the American colonies?

The British thought of the American colonies lower than pesants. They saw them more as indentured servants.

If british English is better than American English?

Well England is part of Britain, so the more correct English is British English. So I'd think British English is easily better. Americans are speaking English - they've just changed a few words; it's not that big a difference.

Comparision between british English and Pakistani English?

well British English talks British and the Pakistani English talks more English and a little Pakistani cause the been in America more

Is British English hard to learn?

I don't think it's any more or less difficult than American English - it's just different.

Difference between English and British Labradors?

They are one and the same. The more usual name is 'English Labrador', but they are also less commonly called 'British'. The only other line is the 'Field' or 'American' Labrador.

What are the Disadvantages of speaking in English?

Despite more people in numbers speak Chinese mandarin, English is the accepted universal language (despite what France may think!) But then you have American English and British English - often totally different. For instance, I would spell racquet (as used in a tennis match) while an American would spell it at racket. A British tyre would be a tire, plough would be plow in America.But America English or British English, would mean that any nation dealing internationally on Earth would only have to learn English - and we would be able to distinguish between American or British.

Is there a difference between the expressions different than different from and different to?

The main difference between different than, different from and different to are the countries of origin and where it is used. Different than is common in American English, different to is more common in British English. The term different from is common in both American and British English.

Do more people watch tennis or football?

either football, that is American football or English football, both are more popular than tennis.

Is Lord a British English word or American English word?

Lord derives from a old English word 'hlaford'

US English or UK English is more famous?

British English is more well known - mostly due to British activities in China and India, with their massive populations.

How did the American revolution contribute to Canada becoming more English?

After America tried and failed to take Quebec the Canadians sided with the British. In addition it was difficult for Canadians to trust America after being at with them in the past. this made the population of Canada more accepting of the British and becoming more English. Hope this helped :)