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Q: Why is it we use yes or no in quantitative research?
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Can quantitative and qualitative research work together?


What are two quantitative research methods used in communication?

quantitative research and qualitative research

Different Types of research according to statistical content?

a. Quantitative Research b. Non- quantitative research.

Give an example of quantitative research in sociology?

give me an example of quantitative research in sociology

What are the Types of qualitative and quantitative research?

the types of quantitative research are,experimental,non-experimental and quasi-experimental,research.

What type of reasoning does qualitative research use?

Qualitative research uses inductive reasoning and quantitative research using deductive reasoning.

How do you do Qualitative?

Generally speaking, qualitative research seeks opinions - rate product X from 1 to 5 for (some aspect of it), while quantitative research seeks use/frequency - do you use product X. Quantitative research asks people who they will vote for, qualitative research askes them why they will vote that way.

Why is qualitative research inferior to quantitative research?

The difference comes depending on what the research intends to achieve. In demographic research, for instance, quantitative research becomes more meaningful.

Definition of quantitative techniques?

According to one definition, quantitative procedures are those that give decision-makers a powerful and organized way to analyze quantitative data. The management uses this scientific approach to problem-solve and make decisions.

Examples of quantitative research?

Quantitative research is anything that uses numbers. An example of such research could be a survey asking people how much they make.

Is numerical data quantitative or qualitative?

Numerical data is quantitative research

Is quantitative a research method?

No. qualitative is the research method.