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Because he invented the television.

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Q: Why is john logie baird admired?
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Did John Logie Baird have any pets?

John Logie Baird mentions having a dog as a child. There is no mention of him having any pets later in life.

Who was John Logie Baird's wife?

John Logie Baird married a concert pianist from South Africa called Margaret Albu. Margaret Albu was the grand-daughter of Reverend Berthold Albu, first spiritual leader of the Griqualand West Hebrew Congregation.The family originally came from Exeter, where they were prominent members of the local Jewish community. She eventually returned to South Africa, settling in Durban.John Logie Baird married Margaret Albu in 1931.

Where did John Logie Baird give his first public demonstration of television?

Baird chose Selfridges department store in Oxford Street, London to demonstrate the world's first television. It was delivered to the store in March 1925 and was exhibited for a month. The store had a reputations for showcasing innovation and Baird's television was one of a number of scientific and educational exhibits show there. Selfridges put on the exhibition without any prospect of sales. It was another four years before the BBC adopted Baird's system and began public broadcasts. Presumably, the store were one of the retailers of the television in 1929.

When was the first regular TV broadcast in the US?

The first regular T.V. broadcast was in 1920 - Is NOT correct as it was not inveneted till 1925 and then it was in Britain - not the US. TV was invented by the British engineer - John Logie Baird and the first broadcast, anywhere in the world, was by him in 1925. The BBC started braodcasting TV in 1929 in the U.K.

How much did a 1920 television cost?

Television wasn't invented until 1925 when John Logie Baird demonstrated the world's first working television system. The system was put into use in 1929 when the BBC began broadcasts. A television in 1929 cost the equivalent of £8000 ($12000) so the service was only seen by a few people.

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