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The Spin magnetic moment i approximately the same as the angular magnetic dipole moment. What then do you men by grater magnitude?

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Q: Why is magnitude of an electron spin greater than its magnetic moment?
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What is the definition of a dipole moment?

A dipole moment is a mathematical product of the magnitude of a charge and the distance of the separation between charges. There are also many other types of dipole moments, such as transition, molecular, bond and electron.

How is a magnetic field produced in a atom?

Simple Answer:An isolated atom has three sources for a magnetic field, the electron motion, the electrons' intrinsic magnetic moment and the nuclear magnetic moment.Explanation:First, the electrons around the atom are in motion and if there is a net circulating flow (i.e. a nonzero angular momentum) then the motion of the electrons is a current that produces a magnetic field in basically the same process that any current produces a magnetic field.Second, the electron itself has a magnetic property as a particle called the magnetic moment. The magnetic moment of the particle effectively makes it a tiny permanent magnet. (Other elementary particles have this property also.) The electrons in an atom can be arranged so that the magnetic fields of the individual electrons' magnetic moments add together or cancel each other out. If they do not totally cancel each other out, the atom as a whole then has the property of a tiny magnet. If arranged in a bulk form, like an iron magnet, these electrons can be the primary source of the permanent magnetic field of a material.Third, the nucleus of an atom is also made up of particles with an intrinsic magnetic moment, just as the electron is. In particular, the protons have a large magnetic contribution. It is not often the case that the nuclei of atoms spontaneously align with the nuclei of other atoms to produce a net permanent magnetization of a material, but it is a technologically important characteristic, e.g. for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

What creates a magnetic field?

Both magnetic materials and moving electric charges induce magnetic fields. "A magnetic field can be created with moving charges, such as a current-carrying wire. A magnetic field can also be created by the spin magnetic dipole moment, and by the orbital magnetic dipole moment of an electron within an atom." A magnetic field can be produced by either a permanent magnet, or an electromagnet, the latter requiring suitable energization to function.

What in this world have magnitude but no direction?

Those having only magnitude but no direction are known as scalar quantity. Time, mass, work, power, electric current, electric charge, moment of inertia, magnetic flux, electric flux and so many are found to be scalar in this world.

At a given moment in time instantaneous speed can be thought of as the magnitude of instantaneous?


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Why is the magnetic moment of a nucleus smaller than the magnetic moment of an electron?

Because the charge/mass ratio of a nucleus is smaller than the charge/mass ratio of an electron

Does sulfur have a magnetic property?

The element does have a magnetic moment. This is because there is one pair of electrons and two individual electron molecules in the valence shell. This is to say that the unpaired electron molecules create a magnetic moment. That is sulfur's magnetic property.

What are Magnetic Properties of Metals?

Iron (Fe) Cobalt (Co) and Nickel (Ni) iron, steel, nickel, and cobalt all have magnetic properties. Lodestone is also magnetic and was used to make early compasses a long time ago because it has magnetic metal elements in it.

How magnetic moment originate from motion of electron?

Electrons revolve around the nucleus. A revolving electron is equivalent to a current loop. Hence, it produces a magnetic moment.

How magnetic moment of electron is associated with angular momentum of electron?

magnetic moment of a particle is due to its motion around some other orbits or about its own orbit i.e due to its orbital angular momentum or its spin angular momentum.

What does moment magnitude scale measures?

The moment magnitude scale (MW) provides an estimate of the total energy released in an earthquake and is currently the preferred magnitude scale in use by seismologists for measuring large (magnitude greater than 7) earthquakes.

Why nucles contributes less magnetic moment than electron magnetic moment due to spin?

Because it is about 10,000 times smaller. The magnetic moment depends on the strength of a magnet's poles, and on its separation; or, in the case of a current loop, the strength of the current, and the area it surrounds.

What affects the size of the magnetic moment of a diatomic molecule?

Without the full quantum mechanical treatment let's look at an atom. In all atoms, the electrons are in motion, and are creating magnetic fields around their paths of travel. And each electron is in a specific orbital (Fermi energy level) and will have an associated angular momentum unique to that specific orbital. To discover the atomic (magnetic) dipole moment, we have to gather up and add the spins of each of the electrons, and also find and sum each orbital angular momentum where an electron is operating. With the spins of the electrons and the angular momenta of the orbitals, we can then combine those to discover the total angular momentum. From there, it's a hop, skip and a jump to find the magnitude of the atom's dipole moment. In a molecule, we have to do this for multiple atoms. Additionally we have to make accommodations for the magnetic moments of any unpaired electrons. We must also account for nuclear spin configuration and the energy state of the molecule to arrive at the magnitude of the magnetic moment. We might have to consider nuclear magnetism in the isotopes of some elements, but these are the basic variables that must be managed to find the magnitude of the magnetic moment of a molecule. A link can be found below to check facts and review the mathematics involved.

What is magnetic moment?

Language plays sometimes a dominant role even in understanding scientific concepts.Magnetic dipole moment and Moment of a magnet, they differ because of the size of the magnetic material. Magnetic dipole is the one with opponent poles but separated by a very smalldistance. But, in case of a long bar magnet, the distance of separation of poles would be larger. In such cases, we calculate the moment of the magnet.Moment of the magnet is equal to the product of the pole strength and the distance between the opposite poles.Dipole magnetic moment is also the same. But in case of dipole formed due to circulation of electron, its dipole moment is got by the product of current and area of loop made by the electron circulation.

Are electrons and positrons the same?

No. A positron is the antiparticle of an electron, meaning it has the same mass but an opposite charge and magnetic moment.

What was the moment magnitude Kobe Japan 1995?

6.8 on the moment magnitude.

What is the definition of a dipole moment?

A dipole moment is a mathematical product of the magnitude of a charge and the distance of the separation between charges. There are also many other types of dipole moments, such as transition, molecular, bond and electron.