Why is marine animals important?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Roblox keeps marine life alive :D :P

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Q: Why is marine animals important?
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What does a Marine biologist do that is important?

A Marine Biologist is important because without them we would know nothing about fish, ocean life, any marine animals or the ocean itself.

Are Marine Biologists important to Earth Science?

They are extremely important. They help find ways to keep the ocean clean, they discover sea animals and they help the marine animals stay safe.

Why tubbataha reef is important?

because it is the home of many marine animals

What are ecosystem called?

Ecosystems in the ocean are called marine ecosystems. Plankton is important to the marine ecosystem because they are food for many animals.

Who are the marine animals?

marine animals are sea toads & more!

Why is the career of a marine biologist important?

They are important because they study ocean life and all marine animals with out them we would not know anything about fish,ocean life,any marine animals, or the ocean it's self. there are many coral reefs in the ocean out there .the study of these places reveal the great bio diversity of nature

Are fish in the sea called marine or maroon animals?

marine animals fyi

Marine animals are found?

In a marine environment.

Why are the marine resources important?

why are marine resources important

Where does a marine biologist work?

An Marine Biologst works with animals, also where animals are,such as sea world

Why do you kill marine animals?

Personally i wouldn't kill marine animals, but some people will to get food or to have fun

What are marine animals with spiny rough surfaces called?

what are marine animals with piny rough surfaces called