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Q: Why is massage withing the first 48 hours of any injury contraindicated to massage?
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What are the specific principles of pregnancy massage?

Pregnancy massage can vary greatly depending on the stage of pregnancy of the individual woman. In general, massage therapy has the principles of being supportive and comforting. The highest risk is during the first trimester, and massage is contraindicated unless approved by a doctor.

What is ice massage?

Ice massage is usually called ice friction massage and involves the use of ice in cryotherapy as part of sports massage. It is useful in the lowering of inflammation and the relief of pain from injuries and overuse.

What does the mnemonic HARM stand for in sports first aid?

When treating sports injuries, avoid Heat, Alcohol, Running, and Massage as these can increase bleeding and swelling at the site of the injury. Alcohol could also mask the pain of the injury.

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Do you prefer a full body massage or a foot massage?

First the foot massage, then the rest. Please.

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The first browser was WorlddWideWeb or Nexus. It was used for communication withing soldiers.

What is the most important thing to do before starting a massage?

The first thing a massage therapist should do is take an assessment of the client. This includes asking the client about any previous medical history they have and why they are coming in for the session. Apart from the client's subjective self-assessment, the massage therapist should also careully observe the client for anything that might make the massage problematic, such as injury, fever, intoxication, or other contraindications.

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What is the first rule of massage?

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When was massage therapy first used?

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Can a massage be conducted with alcohol what are the indication and contraindication of alcoholic massage?

No, massage of any sort is contraindicated for a client (or therapist, for that matter) under the influence of alcohol. Massage can increase local circulation and move/flush toxins in the body. Because of this, the alcohol in a person's blood can be pushed through the liver and brain at an increased rate, causing further damage than the alcohol would have in the first place. This includes a person with a severe hangover, since many toxins and even some alcohol are still present in the person's system. Aside from all that, if you didn't already have a hangover, it would give you one. And it makes an existing one worse.