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Why is meat cooked?


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To reduce the risk of it making you ill ,to presrve it, to tenderise it or to infuse it flavours that are enjoyed by the eater.

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Yes, you can safely freeze cooked meat.

Cooked meat should not be stored in such a way that raw meat could contaminate. That means raw meat should not be stored above cooked meat since the juice from the raw meat could drip onto and contaminate the cooked meat.

As long as you have fully cooked the meat it is safe to reheat a curry that you made with the meat. You can reheat cooked meat as long as you have cooked it correctly and stored it properly.

Meat which is cooked 'rare' is meat which is only just cooked and is still red inside.

You can get them from eating under cooked meat. You can get them from eating under cooked meat.

Yes, you can freeze cooked hamburger meat.

bacteria in partially cooked meat and seafoods

You can get Salmonella from cooked meat only if it wasn't cooked properly or it was contaminated after cooking.

Non-cooked meat is usually pink in the middle. If you eat non- cooked meat you get very sick and you could possibly die!

Yes, you can safely freeze cooked meat loaf.

I cant prserve cooked meat without refrigerator

Yes, you can safely freeze cooked kebab meat one time. Once thawed, it is unsafe to refreeze any cooked meat.

Because the raw meat could contaminate the cooked meat and possibly cause illness.

Yes. Even when cooked, meat is considered potentially hazardous.

Dogs can eat both raw & cooked meat safely.

You store raw meat in the freezer and cooked meat in the refrigerator.

It's not that cooked meat should go on the top it's that raw meat should go below it to prevent raw juices landing on the cooked meat without you knowing potentialy leading to you getting ill when eating the cooked meat with raw meat juice on.

Cooked meat should be stored in clean, sealed containers in the refrigerator or freezer separate from raw meat.

Crab meat is white. The red on the outside of the cooked meat comes from the shell which turns red when it is cooked.

Type your answer here..Does cooked meat wiegh less than raw meat. If you wiegh out 100 gram of chicken raw, how much will it weigh once it is cooked

when the temp reaches 190 completely throughout the meat it is cooked

If the meat is properly cooked, the bad bacteria should be eliminated.

cooked because you cant eat meat just raw

No meat is not cooked in India for Diwali. Only vegetarian food is consumed.

Any meat cooked rare poses a threat to you, especially chicken and pork.

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