Why is my hyacinth plant still living after you gave it salt water Why are my other three hyacinth plants still living after I gave them water soda and milk?

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a single dose wont kill them, if you continue to do it the saltwater plant will die, the milk watered plant will get sick and the soda water one will be fine
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Would a plant grow faster in soda milk or water?

Water, because soda has to much sugar that will kill the plant.Milk contains no minerals for the plant to use. Water helps allliving things, so water makes it grow better. God made it rainwater not soda of course :D

Do plants grow bigger with milk soda or water?

Plants need oxygen and glucose for the process of photosynthesis,which is how they grow. Because of this, they can grow better witha little sugar diluted into water. However, if they are only"watered" with milk or soda, they will wither and die because theyare not being provided enough oxygen.

Can a plant live without water?

A plant can not live without water. Some plants can live with verylittle water but all plants need to have water to survive.

What is the biggest problem for plants living in salt water?

The high level of salt causes normal plants to shrivel because the high salt concentration actually extracts water from the cell (due to simple diffusion) causing death to the plant. Seaweed and other marine plant life are exceptions because they are covered with a special layer of tissue that prev ( Full Answer )

Is water hyacinth appropriate for making alcohol?

water hyacinth is a feasible source for alcohol production. ethanol yield of water hyacinth is 0.296/kg dry mass. bioethanol production using water hyacinth is already cited in the references. nigam 2002 nigam 2001 and nigam 2000.

How do you reduce the number of water hyacinth?

I've been clearing acres of water hyacinth from a forty acre lake in central Florida for 15 years. Recently I extended a 5' landscape by 6'. It attaches to the standard three point hitch on my tractor. For a few hours I use it to pull the hyacinth up the bank.

How do you make water hyacinth furniture?

Water Hyacinth furniture is made from the braids prepared from the dry stems of the plant. Since the braids do not have the strength, the structure of the furniture is made from Rattan, Wood, Bamboo or Iron. Once the frame is designed and prepared the water hyacinth braids are woven on the frame. We ( Full Answer )

Can a plant live with no water or soil?

\nNo, that is impossible.\nEvery living thing needs water to survive.\nPlants are living things.\nThey also need the minerals in the soil.

How does water hyacinth float?

The water hyacinth have swollen leaf stalks which has air spacesthat allow it to float on water.

What does a water hyacinth look like?

Water Hyacinth is a floating water plant, green to slightlygrey-green leaves. Flowers are pale shades of blue. Plants are usedin may parts of the world for making rope and furniture. The plantsare extremely invasive and is is one of the worst "weeds" in theworld, invading and clogging waterways.

What plant or plants can live with no water?

None. There are plants that can live in extremely dry environment but they live by percipitation. They still need moist. Example : cactus and mold (moss ?).

Plants live in or near the water?

plants can live in all sorts of places. in water like cattails or whatever you call those things, then there's flowers and desert plants too. they can live about anywhere

Your goldfish can swim in salt water and still live did it evolve?

No your goldfish did not "evolve" it "SURVIVED" being put in salt water. You don't say how much salt is/was in the water but placing a goldfish in water to which 1 teaspoon of salt has been added per gallon is a commonly used cure for fungus. Goldfish did not evolve they were selectively bred by Chi ( Full Answer )

In what ways do you think the plants and animals that live in the fast moving water of rivers must be different from the animals and plants that live in a still lake?

In fast moving rivers, plants can be carried away. Dirt can also be moved, possibly decreasing the amount of plant life in different areas. In a still lake, nothing moves around, so my guess is that nothing changes much. But, I'm not a scientist, so I wouldn't recommend using my answer for school wo ( Full Answer )

Which plants live in fresh water?

Freshwater plants grow in ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams. Most have roots which anchor them in the mud at the bottom. Their stems grow through the water and their leaves and flowers open above the water's surface.

Where does the hyacinth macaw live?

The hyacinth Macaw lives in Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay. Itprefers to live in palm trees; it is also kept as a pet.

You gave the plant a lot of water but in the end it still wilted?

The answer may be that you gave the plant too much water! Excess or overwatering (or even waterlogged soil), will result in root damage of the plant; this in turn causes the plant to wilt even further as the damaged root system cannot take up water.

Does a plant grow taller if watered with milk or salt water?

No. If you give a plant salt water the salt will cause the cells in the plant to shrivel, trying to keep it out, and the plant will eventually die. I have no idea about milk. My best guess is no as well because the solution is too thick for the plant to soak up.

Do plants living in water transpire?

Yes.Plants living in water do transpire.Oxygen that is dissolved in water is taken in by plants.Plants take in carbon dioxide and leave out oxygen when sunlight is present and take in oxygen and leave out carbon dioxide at night.Plants transpire through stomata.

How does water hyacinth float on water?

An aquatic plant bubbles because it releases oxygen bubbles. Theoxygen bubbles float to the surface of the water and get releasedin to the air.

What kind of plants live in salt water were starfish live?

seeing as starfish live in most, if not all levels of the sea, any plant you can think of as being a marine plant lives where starfish live. Examples: phytoplankton, red algaes, green algaes, brown algaes, sea grasses.

How can water hyacinth float on water?

An aquatic plant bubbles because it releases oxygen bubbles. The oxygen bubbles float to the surface of the water and get released in to the air. Thats why it floats..

Diffrerences between the water hyacinth to a sunflower?

The water hyacinth's roots are in water, while the sunflower's roots are in soil. The Water hyacinth's leaf stalks are swollen and contains air, while the sun flower's leaf stalks are different in shape

What plants cannot live in salt water?

Because of the osmosis properties in plant cells, things will go like this. Cell containing 95% water, 5% Salt VS Lake containing 50% water, 50% Salt The cell will push all the water out into the lake in an effort to try and make the salt:water ratios equal on both sides. The lack of water insid ( Full Answer )

Is water hyacinth a submerged plant?

No. Its roots are in water but the stems are filled with air so they are round and float on water. Hope this can help you as it is not very specific. >.<

What are plant that lives under water?

Yes they can. There are many species of underwater plants. Seaweed or lily-pads for example. Both of them live mostly underwater, but can interact with the surface. Lily-pads do have flowers that break the surface for pollination. The pads are close to the surface for photosynthesis. Seaweed also t ( Full Answer )

Does water hyacinth have waxy leaves?

YES! The waxy coat of the water hyacinth leaves is waterproof andcovers a spongy parenchyma tissue. Together with its swollen stem,which is filled with more spongy parenchyma tissue, it makes theplant float.

How much do water hyacinth cost?

First, make sure that they are legal in your area. They are not in some states because they are considered invasive species. If they are, they should be fairly inexpensive as they grow rapidly.

What is water hyacinth?

A water hyacinth is a pretty invasive floating pond plant, withcurly green foliage, bulbous heads which make the plant float andalso from which the leaves spurt out of, and has furry roots. Inone growing season, 25 individuals may multiply to up to 2 millionmore individual plants!

What plant is green and lives in water?

water lily . kelp . green alga . duckweed . reed mace . water starwort . eelgrass . coontail . musk grass . water poppy . watercress . etc.