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Water? do you mean gas? more details please.. :)

2006-08-09 14:26:13
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What is H2O consumption?

H2O is water so H2O consumption is drinking water.

What has the author Vincent A Sikora written?

Vincent A. Sikora has written: 'A model code on planning for and allocations of water to public water systems' -- subject(s): Water-supply, Water consumption, Water resources development

Where do you put the water at in a 99 vw jetta?

what water? are you slow or something

How do you find the percent of the total water consumption?

Divide the proportion of water consumption used for the specified purpose by the total consumption and then multiply by 100.

What percentage of the earths surface water is suitable for consumption?

3 percent of water can be used for consumption

How does urban sprawl affect water consumption?

Water consumption rises because suburban communities use more water.

How does water consumption affect the water cycle?

Water consumption describes the amount of water left on the earth's surface. Excessive use may cause scarcity.

What is water consumption?

It simply means the use of water.

Which sentence best explains the effect of urban sprawl on water consumption?

Water consumption rises because suburban communities use more water.

What is epc on a jetta?

The EPC on a Jetta is the electronic powertrain control system. This is the traction system of the vehicle that detects if you are on ice or water covered roadways.

What is the water consumption of an average American worker?

The per capita water consumption in the United States is 159 gallons per day.

How do you compute water consumption in the Philippines?

How do you compute water consumption in the Philippines?Read more: How_do_you_compute_water_consumption_in_the_Philippines

What is the cost of replacing a water pump in a 99 VW Jetta?

Replacing the 1999 VW Jetta water pump will cost approximately $350. The exact cost is dependent upon several different factors.

How do you replace 1990 VW Jetta water pump?

To replace the 1990 VW Jetta water pump you need to have a new one. By using the tools in the tool box, carefully open the old water pump and replace it with a new one.

Is it harmful to drink well water after drinking distilled water for a number of years?

No, it is not harmful - assuming your well water has been tested for human consumption.No, it is not harmful - assuming your well water has been tested for human consumption.

How do you change vw jetta glx water pump?

The water pump on a VW Jetta GLX water pump is changed by removing the serpentine belt, engine accessories, and radiator hoses. The pump is then unbolted, removed, and a new pump put in place.

How does wind affect crop water requirement?

it increases water consumption

What are consumption figures of bottled water?

Since 1980, the U.S. bottled water market has grown to nearly 3 billion gallons in annual consumption

How do you replace the water pump on a 1988 VW Jetta GL?

I just want to know when do i have to replace the water tank.

Can a shower filter be used to help reduce water consumption?

Yes, yes they do reduce water consumption. Also, much like a filter for your tap water, it will help to offer cleaner water in the shower for both your water and hair.

What is the consumption of water in any 5 states of india?

Water consumption levels per year in Punjab hover around 50 - 60 cubic meters

What is the size of a water footprint?

There is no actual one size of a water footprint, a water footprint is determined by the amount of water used related to the consumption of people. The four major factors used in figuring out the water footprint of a country are the volume of consumption, the consumption pattern, climate and the agricultural practice. the global average water footprint is 1240 m^3/cap/yr.

How do you diagnose my 2002 vw jetta overheating problem?

Its most likely the water pump.

What is the water consumption of pine trees?

100 litres

Can ocean water be used for human consumption?

No way!!!