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Why is nonvoting a problem in a democratic society?

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Non-voting is only a problem for those that don't vote. The government is elected based on what the people say they want at the polls. Those that did not vote should not complain about laws in society.

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Q: Why is nonvoting a problem in a democratic society?
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How democratic was colonial American society?

The Colonial American society was very democratic.

When was Students for a Democratic Society created?

Students for a Democratic Society was created in 1960.

When was Democratic Society Party created?

Democratic Society Party was created in 2005.

When did Democratic Society Party end?

Democratic Society Party ended in 2009.

Why was the right to vote important in the democratic society?

because the democratic society is what most of the presidents are :)

What kind of society do they have?

A Democratic and capitalist society.

When was Australian Jewish Democratic Society created?

Australian Jewish Democratic Society was created in 1984.

Comparison of democratic and non -democratic form of government?

a democratic society is ruled by the people non demcratic society is ruled by a dictator

How are different types of people treated in a democratic society?

in a truly democratic society, everyone is treated equally.

What kind of society is Canada?

Canada is a democratic society.

What type of society does Canada have?

Canada has a democratic society.

Is US a democratic society?


When was Cambodian Democratic Society Party created?

Cambodian Democratic Society Party was created on 2008-12-20.

What is democratic society?

By definition, a democratic society is that one in which the people who conform that society have the right to decide and vote for their government and representatives. A democratic society is supposed to offer a great deal of freedom for its citizens, a freedom that also entails great responsibility for those who are elected by their peers.

What are Characteristics of a democratic society?


What is an peaceful and democratic society?

it is colme

Which characteristic is most essential to democratic society?

The characteristic that is the most essential to a democratic society is the ability to vote. People get to choose their leaders and rules.

What role does democratic structure play in society?

A democratic structure in a society will ensure that all citizens of that society have a role and say in the government. When a democratic structure is in place, all citizens of a society should have equal input in the way a country is run and who the elected leaders are. This way, the country and it's government are reflective of the society as a whole.

Which of the following is not a reason for nonvoting?

bad weather

How do you evaluate a democratic structure in society?

A democratic structure in society can be evaluated by looking at the positive and negative outcomes of the structure. The effect on the society can be evaluated in a long-term and short-term setting.

What is a nonvoting voter?

A nonvoting voter is someone who is registered to vote, or otherwise is able to vote. The person does not take the opportunity to vote, or purposefully withholds a vote.

Why is the mayflower a concept of democratic society?

because it is!

When did Paraguay become a democratic society?


Is Athens a democratic society?

Athens was a democracy in part of the 5th and 4th Centuries BCE.

Does Denmark have a republic or democratic society?

1. Denmark is a monarchy. 2. Denmark is a democratic country.