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Because our earth can be over polluted by paper and trash da

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How can you solve the problem of recycling?

by recycling

Is recycling the answer to problem of waste?

Recycling is just a partial problem solver we have to do follow some norms to stop this wasteRecycling can help curb the problem of waste taking up physical space, but in many cases, the fuel burned by collection trucks and recycling plants along with the waste from the recycling process can be more damaging to the environment than simply creating new products. Aluminum is a noteable exception to this.But recycling still has about 50% share in cleaning the environment along with other green activities. The wastes from the recycling processes are a main issue but it should be resolved immediately to make recycling a Green Activity with any ambiguity.

How can the problem of endangered animals be resolved?

recycling and wildlife refuges

Is recycling a big problem?

No, the government just wants you to think that.

What is the problem with recycling and why do we need to solve it?

what we can do is, put garbage cans on the sidewalks and put recyling signs on them so the can put any recycling materials in the proper garbage can.

Why Nuclear waste said to be difficult problem to solve?

because they aren't recycling the plutonium from it.

What is home recycling?

home recycling is recycling

What are some fun facts about recycling?

We can all enjoy Understanding The Phrase: "If You are not a part of the Solution, You are a part of the Problem".

What problem has recycling computer monitors helped reduce?

Computer monitors, particularly older ones, contain lead and other heavy metals. Many are toxic and so recycling them is better than dumping them.

How can you write an essay of recycling?

1. We know that we have a BIG problem in our world. 2. The problem is that there is too much waste. 3. Recycling is a good habit we recycle any things in this world and it is good for health of human being, animals, plants and insects. 4. We recycle many different materials like news paper, bottles, teens, plastic, steel, etc. 5. Recycling saves energy. 6. we can make train sleeper's by the help of recycle plastic. 7. Many people still don't anything about this problem. 8. Overall, recycling supports the earth and supports life.

How do you spell recycling?

You spelled it correctly in the question! ~ Recycling

What are the problems of disposing household waste?

it is the problem of collection, transport, processing, recycling or disposal, and monitoring of waste materials.

What are the different kinds of recycling?

direct recycling and indirect recycle i.e. recycling right away and recycling later

Where can recycling be done?

where can recycling be done?recycling can be done anywhere in australia weather you go to the recycling store and recycle bottleor can.

Advantages and disadvantages of recycling copper?

Advantage : It's a rare metal so it's easier to find Disadvantage: it pollutes the air By recycling, you can not solve the problem of land-taken but make additional money from the valuable core.

What are concerns about recycling?

what concerns are there about recycling?

How do you prevent recycling?

what can recycling do to you on streets

What recycling is suituble for recycling? go to this website for extensive information on exactly what, where and how things can be recycled. Cell Phone Recycling is one of the major recycling nowadays.

What is internal recycling?

,,`. It is an recycling indoors . or recycling outside of your home/house. #Yukimi Aoyagi

What is a conclusion for recycling?

Recycling is good for our world.........

How do you get a recycling bin?

At Your Local Recycling Center.

Who buy recycling?

Companies that by recycling mental

How do you save money by recycling?

you can save money by recycling because you can get money for recycling cans and bottles

Where can I drop off a computer for recycling?

Joe32434 You can drop of your computer for recycling at your local recycling center.

What is waste and recycling pollution?

Waste and recycling pollution means pollution caused by waste and recycling