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Q: Why is one of my hamsters eyes bulging out more than the other is this serious it has been like this for a long time it acts normal what should you do?
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Why is my hamsters one eye bulging?

He may have a eye infection or other problem so he should be taken to a vet right away.

Is it normal for hamsters to have snotty noses?

Of course I should of thought of that.

Is it normal if hamsters are sleepy?

yes it is perfectly normal during the day and at night they should be more active remember hamsters are nocturnal which means they sleep during the day and are active during the night

How should a hamsters tummy look like?

normal because if it doesn't it is sick

How do you treat a bulging disc?

Bulging discs are not uncommon, and are usually not serious. If there is an injury to the disc that is causing pain, you should restrict your physical activity until the injury is healed. There are stretches and exercises you can do to help, and some people find relief with an inversion therapy table.

Why would female dwarf hamsters bleed on their nose?

This is not normal. If they are, you should take them to the vet right away.

Can a hamster do a back flip?

While some hamsters do appear to be doing backflips, healthy hamsters should not. A hamster doing backflips has a serious neurological disorder brought about by inbreeding, and should be euthanized to prevent further distress and suffering. So the answer is yes - but it's not a good thing.

Can you keep two hamsters of different breeds in the same cage?

There should never be more than one adult hamster in one cage. Hamsters are very territorial and will fight each other if necessary which can result in serious injuries.

Is it normal for a hamsters teeth to fall out?

no it isnt, i would check with a vet to be sure that nothings wrong. well actually it is normal for hamsters teehth to fall out. they grow back just like ours do just feed your pet soft food untill then and it should be fine after about a week.

What is a concentric disc bulge?

A bulging disc refers to a piece of the spinal column that is sticking out of place. A concentric bulge means that the disc is not as thick as it should be. It can lead to really serious back problems if not addressed immediately.

What should you put on a dwarf hamsters foot if it is bleeding?

There are specialized products that stop the flow of blood in a cut. If it is serious you should bring your pet immediately to a veterinary.

Is it normal to like maggots?

Yes it is normal to like maggots if you have a serious problem and your nuts. So in other words no. You should get a life.

What is the food-borne illness for bulging cans?

Botulism. It is deadly, you should never open or eat food from a bulging or swollen can.

How often should you feed hamsters?

you should feed hamsters every day.

Where the heck do hamsters come from?

hamsters come from their mamma hamsters i should know i breed them

What should hamsters play with on hamsters 2?

well they should play with toys on the game

Is it normal to have bright red blood come out then you poop?

It is not normal. This could be a bleeding hemorrhoid or something far more serious. It should be seen by a physician as soon as possible.

When should you breed your hamsters?

a month after both hamsters' births

Do hamsters eat candy?

no, hamsters should not eat candies.

Should you cut hamsters nails?

No, you should go to a vet, unless you can do it without cutting your hamsters foot.

Why does your testicle is hurt?

It could be normal or an infection or something more serious. You should see your doctor.

What is done during bulging disc surgery?

During surgery to repair a bulging disc, the surgeon may remove part of the bulging disc that may or may not give relief to the patient. This surgery should be considered a last resort, as oftentimes the bulging disc can be relieved with rest, or exercise or other non-surgical options.

Can Syrian hamsters interbreed with dwarf hamsters?

Im thinking they can. They are all hamsters in the end. It might be hard to do, but it should work.

Are hamsters meant to have yellow teeth?

Yes, hamsters should have yellow teeth.

Should hamsters drink hot or hot or cold milk?

Hamsters should drink water rather than milk.