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Low head water potential makes low water velocities. Low head turbines are then slow and big size. To accommodate that we put there generators with multiple pars of poles. That enable generator running at low speed as 187.5RPM to generate AC of 50Hz.

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Q: Why is operating speed of hydro turbine low?
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Difference between francis and kaplan turbines?

The comparison kaplan and francis hydro power turbine is as under: 1. Efficiency of Kaplan hydro power turbine is higher. 2. Kaplan turbine is more compact in cross-section and has higher rotational speed to that of francis hydro power turbine. 3. In Kaplan turbine, the water flow is axia and in francis trubine it is radial. 4. The runner blades in the kaplan turbine is less in number. 5. Specific speed of Kaplan turbine is 2 to 3 times that of Fancis turbine. 6. Friction loss in Kaplan turbine is less. 7. Francis turbine requires medium head while Kaplan trubines are low head hydro power turbines.

What is a boiler reheater?

In a reheat turbine the stean first enters high speed turbine so its temp and pressure reduces before entering low speed turbine so a reheater is used to reheat the cooled steam

What is hunting in steam turbines?

When the steam turbine can not maintain its selected or designed speed.Type your answer here... Speed fluctuating from low to high speed continously.

What is HP and LP turbine expansion?

HP Turbine is High Performance Turbine LP Turbine is Low Performance Turbine

Why should wind turbine blades be light?

to allow the blades to begin rotation in low wind speed, heavier blades need higher wind speed to start them.

What is effect on turbine generator if frequency is high or low?

turbine will trip

What is intermediate pressure turbine?

Some varieties of gas turbine engines (e.g. RR Trent and RB211) have 3 concentric rotating shafts. Each shaft connects a compressor with a turbine. The low pressure compressor, or fan, is driven by the low pressure turbine. The high pressure compressor is driven by the high pressure turbine. Between the low and high pressure compressors there is an intermediate pressure compressor and, guess what... it's driven by the intermediate pressure turbine.

What is the differences between pelton turbine and kaplan turbine?

pelton turbines are suited to high head,low flow application but kaplan turbine are used for low head and a large amount of discharge needed. kaplan turbines are expensive to design,manufacture and install as compared to pelton turbine but operate for decades.

How is nuclear power provided?

Basically all electricity is generated by heating water that crates steam and makes a turbine spin. This is what is done with Coal by burning, and Hydro when you use a dam to spin a turbine. In nuclear power you use the strongest amount of heat we know to turn water into steam that spins a turbine and creates electricity. Nothing happens with the environment or anything freaky we just need to generate heat to spin a turbine and a nuclear power plant is a very low cost and low maintenance way of doing it since they go for hundreds of years producing the heat we need to spin turbines instead of using tons of coal to achieve the same process. Electricity is all about spinning a turbine

What is difference between pelton wheel and turgo turbine?

pelton turbine is used for high head low flow but the turgo turbine is used for low head high flow, in pelton turbine number of jet can increased but in turgo it can't be done, in pelton the water hits the bucket once at a time but in tugo it hits more than one

What turbine does not require draft tube?

Draft tube is used to increase the pressure from the low turbine exit pressure to the pressure of the surrounding to which the fluid is rejected.Only reaction turbines require a draft tube as there is low pressure at the exit of the turbine,where as in an impulse turbine the pressure at the inlet and the exit is essentially the same, which is above the pressure to which the fluid is rejected and thus it require no draft tube.

Why used aero-derivative gas turbine?

Efficient and low fuel consumption