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because it is strong and cannot break easily and can hold alot of weight and also it has a nice finish to it when done.

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What does pine wood make?

cabinets. baseball bats house's etc,,,

What can pine trees be used to make?

Pine trees can be used for a variety of purposes. Their main use is using the wood for furniture. Items such as tables, chairs, bed frames and kitchen cabinets.

What is pine wood used for?

Building Cabinets because it is strong and wont break easily.

Trees are used for kitchen cabinets cabinets?

Wood makes up 90% of most cabinets. Yes, trees are used to make kitchen cabinets and furniture.

What wood is used to make model aeroplane?

I think the wood that is used to make model aeroplanes is pine.

What wood is used to make flooring?

pine and oak

What could you make out of pine wood?

You make many kinds of furniture out of pine wood.

What solid wood is used to make plywood?

Softwood such as pine is usually used to make plywood boards.

How do you make glue for wood?

You can possibly make glue for wood if you used pine sap and charcoal. The north American Indians did this.

Is pine wood good for making paper?

Yes. Much of the "pulpwood" is pine used to make paper pulp.

What is pine wood used to make?

Furniture example: a desk or a dresser drawer

How did Native Americans use conifer?

Conifer or " pine " boughs were used to make shelters,the wood was burned,the seeds in the pine cone were eaten ( pine nuts )

How much stuff does pine wood make?

depends what quantity of Pine you have

What things are made of pine wood?

pine can make baseball bats and houses.

Are wood cabinets better than plywood cabinets?

Basically the kitchen cabinets are materials depending upon your uses and places. But most of peoples are likes to have wood cabinets than plywood cabinets. As wood cabinets have more efficient and long lasting strength with good quality. So I prefer it's better to have wood cabinets for kitchen

What is oak wood used for?

Oak wood is used for flooring, cabinets, furniture, pallets, firewood, and everywhere a strong attractive wood is required.

Is pine wood recyclable?

Yes it is, because pine is a soft wood that can be broken down and reuced to make another product.

What can pine wood be used for?

bilding a box

Can you make pine burn in fireplace?

Is there anything can appy to make pine wood burn in the fire place

Is pine a type of wood?

Yes, pine is a type of wood. It is mainly called pine wood.

What is the softest wood?

The softest wood is yucca wood, from Arizona. The softest wood used in woodworking is pine.

What is all wood cabinets?

cabinets that have been upgraded to all plywood and have solid wood doors

What materials are the majority of 3 drawer file cabinets made of?

The majority of the materials that these file cabinets are made from are ply wood as well as a laminate covering. Now your more pricey 3 drawer file cabinets are made from solid oak ,pine,cedar,etc.

What wood is stronger bulsa or pine?

pine wood is the answer

What wood is used for plywood?

Pine, Fir, and Spruce

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