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Why is pneumonia more common in the older client?

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The immune system can become less effective with age, and health problems which can increase with age can lead to the development of other health problems. Spending a lot of time in bed or resting can lead to a further depleted immune system, as can eating problems such as reflux which can lead to aspiration pneumonia. If you have older people of concern to you, try to keep them moving more, even if it's only around the house and garden. Pot plants are a good source of excercise and comfort, placed around the house and garden they keep a person moving between the sink and the plants to keep them watered, and promote good cheer from watching the plants thrive. This is not to say older people shouldn't follow their body's needs when it comes to rest; there needs to be a balance, and nobody should push themselves beyond what feels right. Encourage a healthy diet; Mediterranean food is good, especially such foods as pasta with tomato - Napoletana - sauce, which is smooth and nourishing; added cheese gives extra protein. Curry sauces, with rice, are also great; they needn't be hot (spicy) and the range of spices used are balanced to promote good health and wellbeing. Chunks of meat are not essential; a good sauce with quartered hardboiled eggs is great for all ages. Don't disdain the humble parsley; added on serving it provides colour and vitamins and enhances the other flavours in the dish. Freshly ground black pepper aids digestion. There are so many approaches to keeping older people well and free from infection, and a lot of these approaches are just plain commonsense. The healthier we are, the less time we spend in medical waiting rooms - a great source of infection! When you need a doctor, you need a doctor and mustn't put it off, but there's no need to invite illness through maintaining a less than good lifestyle.

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Why do older people get pneumonia?

The elderly have a less effective mucociliary escalator, as well as changes in their immune system. This causes this age group to be more at risk for the development of pneumonia

Is ricketts more common in older people?

NO. Most common in the very young.

How do you use 'pneumonia' in a sentence?

It took me more than 12 weeks to recover from my bout of pneumonia. Pneumonia can be deadly.

Why is cardiac arrest more common in adults than children?

since adults are older than children their body is older and more tired

Why was pneumonia named pneumonia?

Pneumonia refers to inflammation of the lungs. "Pneumon" in Latin means lungs. The suffix "-ia" means pathological condition. In common English, pneumonia can be translated as "a pathological condition of the lungs." A more technically correct term would be pneumonitis, because the suffix "-itis" means inflammation, but for some unknown reason it has long been called pneumonia.

Can you die from pneumonia caused by aids?

Aids doesn't cause pneumonia. You can die from pneumonia with or without aids. However if you have aids you are more likely to die from pneumonia then if you didn't have aids and contracted pneumonia

Why are glasses more common among older people?

Our vision deteriorates as we age.

Common Symptoms of Pneumonia?

If you have pneumonia, it is important for you to seek medical treatment as soon as possible; otherwise, your condition could get much worse. By looking for these common symptoms of pneumonia, you can determine if you need to seek medical assistance or not. Cough Coughing is a very common symptom of pneumonia, although everyone's cough is a little bit different. It might be a dry, scratchy cough, for example, or you could notice blood or mucus. Shaking If you are experiencing the "chills," there is a good chance that you do have pneumonia. Fever Some people, particularly older adults, do not experience a fever with this illness, but it is one of the more common symptoms of pneumonia. Upper Respiratory Infection Many people start experiencing the symptoms of pneumonia after having an upper respiratory infection, a severe cold or the flu. So, if you have been sick recently, there is a good chance that you have this infection as well. Chest Pain Chest pain, particularly when you breathe heavily or cough, can be a symptom of pneumonia. Rapid Heartbeat For some reason, pneumonia tends to cause a very fast heartbeat in many patients. Nausea, Vomiting and Diarrhea Although a lot of people do not commonly associate these symptoms with pneumonia, there is a good chance that you do have this infection if you have been experiencing these symptoms, particularly if they have been accompanied by other common signs. Loss of Appetite If you are sick with pneumonia, there is a good chance that your appetite is virtually non-existent. It is important to make sure that you eat enough and drink plenty of fluids, however, if you want to get well. Headaches Although headaches can come from all sorts of different things, they can also be a sign of this infection, particularly if you are experiencing other symptoms of pneumonia. Feeling Confused Confusion and a general feeling of disorientation isn't a common pneumonia symptom for most younger individuals, but older people who suffer from it often feel this way. Feeling Weak and Tired Although it might be hard to put your finger on it, feeling weak, tired and bad overall can be a definite sign that you have pneumonia.

Why Arthritis is more common among older people?

It is especially more pronounced in older people in the case of osteo or degenerative arthritis which is often the result of wear and tear.

How can you get pneumonia?

Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs caused by a bacteria, virus, or more rarely, a fungus. A person contracts pneumonia by being exposed to the pathogen.

Why do peoples hands shake?

It can come from a disease and it's more common to have it when you're older.

What genetic defect is more common in older mothers?

Genetic defects also can take place when the egg or sperm are forming if the mother or father passes along some faulty gene material. This is more common in older mothers. The most common defect of this kind is Down syndrome

What is the word 'older sister' when translated from English to Japanese?

Onee- Older sister (most common, though there is one more)

What does it mean when a guy says you're like me but you're older?

you have things incommon but you are more mature or you have things in common but you are literally OLDER than him

Should someone who has already had pneumonia get the pneumonia vaccine?

Yes, if you are otherwise a candidate for the vaccine (there are age and health considerations as well as whether you have been vaccinated for it in the past), you should get vaccinated since pneumonia can be caused by different microbes, some types are viral, some types are bacterial, and even some more rare types are fungal. The type of pneumonia you had may be different than the types that are protected by the currently available pneumococcal pneumonia vaccine (aka the "pneumonia vaccination").Pneumococcal pneumonia is caused by pneumococcus bacteria. There are more than 80 different types of this bacteria that can cause pneumonia. The most common 23 of these types are included in the current vaccination. So even if you had one of the types of pneumonia that was caused by this bacteria, you can still be susceptible to the other types.

How do you spell whiskey?

The spelling "whiskey" is more common in the US than the older variant "whisky."

How long does it take the pneumonia shot to take effect?

Apparently, more than 3 weeks because I had the pneumonia vaccine 3 weeks ago and I now have pneumonia.

What are facts about pneumonia?

- More Children die of Pneumonia that any other illness. - The Mycoplasmic Pneumonia is also known as the Walking Pneumonia - About 2 million cases of Pneumonia are reported in USA each year - 40 to 70 thousand of those people die of it each year.

is it more expensive to keep an exiting client or sign a new one in?

it is 10 times more expensive to sign a new client in

Why arthritis is more common among older people the the younger ones?

many forms of arthritis are wear and tear diseases so it stands to reason that the older one gets the more likely the disease

Can an 18 year old have periodontal gum disease?

yes. there are different types of periodontal disease, some more common in older people and some more common in younger people

Thoracic breathing is more common among children of what age?

children older than 7

If you get pneumonia once are you more susceptible if you get it again?


Why are older people more at risk of the flu?

As you get older, your immune system gets weaker as your age increases. This puts you at risk for simpler but just as deadly sicknesses, leading the elderly to be more prone to common illnesses.

What are two diseases common to cattle?

There are way more than just two diseases that are common in cattle. Coccidiosis and Shipping Fever are two common ones, as well as Blackleg, BVDV, Acidosis, Bloat, Pneumonia (or BRD), Wooden Tongue, Mastitis, etc.

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