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Why is pneumonia more common in the older client?



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The immune system can become less effective with age, and health problems which can increase with age can lead to the development of other health problems. Spending a lot of time in bed or resting can lead to a further depleted immune system, as can eating problems such as reflux which can lead to aspiration pneumonia. If you have older people of concern to you, try to keep them moving more, even if it's only around the house and garden. Pot plants are a good source of excercise and comfort, placed around the house and garden they keep a person moving between the sink and the plants to keep them watered, and promote good cheer from watching the plants thrive. This is not to say older people shouldn't follow their body's needs when it comes to rest; there needs to be a balance, and nobody should push themselves beyond what feels right. Encourage a healthy diet; Mediterranean food is good, especially such foods as pasta with tomato - Napoletana - sauce, which is smooth and nourishing; added cheese gives extra protein. Curry sauces, with rice, are also great; they needn't be hot (spicy) and the range of spices used are balanced to promote good health and wellbeing. Chunks of meat are not essential; a good sauce with quartered hardboiled eggs is great for all ages. Don't disdain the humble parsley; added on serving it provides colour and vitamins and enhances the other flavours in the dish. Freshly ground black pepper aids digestion. There are so many approaches to keeping older people well and free from infection, and a lot of these approaches are just plain commonsense. The healthier we are, the less time we spend in medical waiting rooms - a great source of infection! When you need a doctor, you need a doctor and mustn't put it off, but there's no need to invite illness through maintaining a less than good lifestyle.