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because i like it! also it just taste good so deal with it! Its good because it has a lot of sugar. If its sugar free, it has alot of Splenda... i donno...god bless the lord.

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Is it good to eat chocolate pudding when pregnant?

Yes chocolate pudding is always good

What is so funny about pudding?

There is nothing funny about pudding.

Where can you find some good christmas pudding recipes?

You can find good Christmas pudding recipes at BBC Good Food and Delia Online. Good Christmas pudding recipes can also be found at Food Network and Allrecipes.

Is pudding good for you?

yes!! and its good too

Is finger millet pudding good for diabetics?

well i know a guy who died from it so i will say no!

Why is pudding awesome?

the reason pudding is awesome is because it tastes good and is easy to make.

What does the cowboy slang 'piece of pudding' mean?

Cowboys loved a colorful phrase! This meant a piece of luck, a good change. Pudding is a sweet treat, so it's used to refer to anything good.

What is a good example of homogeneous?


What is tapioca pudding good for?


Is Indian pudding good?

... Depends.

Where can I find a good corn pudding recipe?

Corn pudding is a delicious dish enjoyed by many. There are quite a few places to find a good recipe for making corn pudding, one of these places is The site has more than one recipe for the dish so that it can satisfy many different taste.

Did the people of new France eat bread-pudding?

That is hard to say, I think they would have eaten BREAD-PUDDING because they ate BREAD and PUDDING, so YES they did eat BREAD-PUDDING.

What is pudding patrol?

Pudding Patrol is a fun day on June the 3rd. It's where you buy good treats such as pudding. you hide the pudding around the house in the complete dark with a flash light. When you find your pudding you eat it as a success reward!

What is a good banana pudding recipe?

A very good banana pudding recipe can be found at, a website that is also a very good resource for other recipes as well. As you can see from the link, this recipe has received extremely good reviews and would definitely be a top choice for anyone wishing to make banana pudding.

What is the saying about the proof is in the pudding?

The saying is "The proof of the pudding is in the tasting," meaning that just because something looks good doesn't always mean it will be good.

Can you freeze chocolate pudding?

Certain brands or chocolate pudding can be frozen. However, it might be a good idea to check the package the pudding came in to see if there are specific instructions.

Can chocolate pudding be frozen?

No. this wouldn't taste good because pudding has different formulas and substances that don't let it taste like a Popsicle if that is your goal, but chocolate pudding does freeze.

Can pudding talk?

No, pudding cannot talk. Pudding is an inanimate food object, and doesn't have vocal cords, so it cannot talk. I think it can because I am awsome!!!

What happens if you eat a lot of pudding?

You get fat, which is good.

What are some good Barbados dessert recipes?


What does the button in plum pudding mean?

good luck

Where can you find a Rice Pudding Recipe? has several good recipes for rice pudding that you can easily make in your rice cooker.

Is pudding an amorphous solid?

Pudding is an amorphous mixture; pudding is not a solid.

Why is pudding so awesome?

-answer by SARAH NEAGLEY

How do you say the pudding was good in Spanish?

"Que bueno estuvo el pudding!" o "Que bueno estuvo el manjar!"