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Why is radar important?

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Radar provides a capability of detection objects over great ranges through air at night and in poor weather.

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Why is Doppler radar important?

Doppler radar is an important tool that is used to help track storms. It is a specialized radar that measures velocity by using the Doppler effect.

What are the advantages of radar range over radar bearing?

Radar range is the distance of the object from the radar. Radar bearing is the direction of the object in relation to the radar. As radar is primarily used for ranging, the range information may be more important than the bearing.

Is radar an outdated technology and if so how?

Radar is not outdated. It is still very important in tracking aircraft and weather.

Does Doppler radar aid tornado detection?

Yes. Doppler radar is perhaps the most important tool in tornado detection.

Why is the Doppler radar important to a meterologist?

It provides a 3 dimensional image. Older radar shows a 2 dimensional image.

What is an important use of a Doppler radar?

The track precipitation and tornadoes

Can a Doppler radar be used to study tornadoes?

Yes. Doppler radar is one of the most important tools in the modern study of tornadoes.

What are the applications of radar?

The applications of a radar is,Whale's radar,ship's radar,submarine's radar,plane's radar.

What is one important use for Doppler radar?

It helps u track tornades.....

Why was technology an important tool in world war 2?

To detect enemys on the radar.

What radio location system developed in the 1930s played an important role in WWII?


What are the advantages using 3D Radar over 2D Radar?

I need brief description of 2D Radar and 3D Radar. What is the principle of operation of a 3D Radar. Compare 2D Radar with 3D Radar Suminda

What is a radar engineer?

A radar engineer works with radar. They have design, develop, install, and test a radar.

What kinds of radars are there?

ConfigurationsRadar come in a variety of configuration in the emitter, the receiver, the antenna, wavelength, scan strategies, etc. Bistatic radarContinuous-wave radarDoppler radarFm-cw radarMonopulse radarPassive radarPlanar array radarPulse-dopplerSynthetic aperture radar Synthetically thinned aperture radar

What is a radar mast?

A radar mast is a high platform to mount a radar antenna such as the radar has an unobstructed view.

What do you mean radar?


What is a antonym for radar?


Why is Doppler radar so important in studying thunderstorms high winds and tornadoes?

Doppler radar can detect both precipitation and wind in a storm as well as determine the speed of the wind. Because of thes, Doppler radar can be used to detect the signs of strong winds or tornadoes.

What is the difference between radar identification and radar contact?

Radar contact is when the radar gets a return signal from the target. Radar identification is when the radar identifies the tracked target either by a transponder from the target or through other data.

What are radar waves used for?


How do you spell Radar in french?


What is a radar url?

radar url

What is Amateur radar and phalcon radar?

"Amateur RADAR" here may defined as "a RADAR unit made by private individuals" as for "Phalcon RADAR" it's an AEW (Airborne Early Warning) RADAR unit made by Israeli firm "ELTA"

Which radio location system played an important role during World War 2?

we used a radar

What instrument determines the presence of a tornado?

Tornadoes can be detected by Doppler radar, but eyewitness reports are important, too.

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