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they do not have one called moss

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Q: Why is reindeer moss called reindeer moss?
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Which of these is not a consumer is it caribou mouse owl or reindeer moss?

"Reindeer moss" is a photosynthetic plant, not a consumer.

How does reindeer moss survive?

It's a kind of moss... Check the link for complete info.

What kind of foods do reindeer eat?

Their diet depends on the season:Summer: grass, sedges, green leaves of shrubs and new growth of larch, willow, and birchLate summer: mushroomsWinter: Reindeer eat lichens called reindeer moss, which is high in carbohydrates. Reindeer dig craters in the snow to find the moss.

Is a reindeer a consumer?

no moss is not an animal

What eats caribou moss?

Reindeer and Caribou

Is there a poisonous moss?

there is a poisonous marine moss called noctiluca, but is only poisonous to fish. ^^ About that answer... I looked up Noctiluca, and the only thing I found was a protozoan. And a protozoan is definitely not a moss. Also, I was under the impression that moss - true moss, anyways; lots of plants have the name "moss" but aren't actually, i.e. Reindeer Moss, Irish Moss, Spanish Moss - is terrestrial, meaning there's no such thing as marine moss. Anyways, hope that helps!

Are reindeer moss decomposers?

i dont know im trying to find the answer

What animals eat moss?

Animals that eat moss include deer, rabbits, and some species of birds such as grouse and ptarmigans. Additionally, some insects, like caterpillars and beetles, also feed on moss.

What eats lichens in the tundra?

The most common animal to eat lichens in the tundra is the caribou (reindeer) and its favorite lichen is reindeer moss

What animals eat Arctic moss?

There are various animals that eat arctic moss. For example, it is eaten by many different kinds of migratory birds.

What Animal does a reindeer eat?

reindeer dont eat flowers they eat carrots

Are reindeer omnivores?

Reindeer are verteebrates, they have a spine.