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Rust is different because, RUST IS MADE UP OF OXYGEN & IRON!!!

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Q: Why is rust different from the iron or oxygen?
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Related questions

Why is rust different from iron and oxygen that it is made of?

Rust is different from iron and oxygen that is made of bacause the differnce between the compounds and the mixtures.

How is rust different from iron?

Rust occurs when iron interacts with oxygen and water, especially in the atmosphere. It's a form of Iron Oxide, and as such is chemically different from iron itself.

Why iron does not rust?

Iron does rust by reacting with oxygen.

What is the chemical reaction when rust combines with oxygen?

Rust is the result of iron and oxygen combining, so the more oxygen added to the equation, the more rust. Iron+Oxygen --> Iron oxide (rust)

What amkes iron rust?

I'm sure you meant to ask what makes iron rust. Rusting is a different way of saying oxidation. Oxygen reacts with iron to form iron oxide, or rust.

What happen when iron rust?

Iron reacts with oxygen in the atmosphere to make rust, a compound of iron and oxygen called iron oxide.

Is rust a metal?

Rust occurs when iron and oxygen meet and the oxygen causes the iron to decay. Yes in a way, rust is the corroded metal iron.

What change occurs when iron reacts with oxygen?

Iron oxide, which is rust. When oxygen reacts with iron the iron "oxidizes" forming iron oxide (rust).

Will iron react with oxygen to produce rust?

Iron will react with water and oxygen to produce rust. Essentially water has oxygen atoms in it so as long as iron is in contact with water, it will rust.

What two substances are needed to make iron rust?

Oxygen and Water. The equation for rust is: Iron + Oxygen + Water -> Hydrated iron (III) oxide. (rust)

Its rust a chemical property of iron?

Rust is Iron Oxide which has accumlated on top of the iron. The top layer of the iron, when exposed to moisture or water, reacts with the oxygen in the air to form rust. Rust can also form when Iron is exposed to a strong oxidizer or acids. But rust is not a chemical property of iron, it's in fact a completely different compound which used to be iron before reacting with oxygen.

What reacts with iron to form rust?

Oxygen reacts with iron to form rust.

What elements are present in rust?

Rust is Iron oxide. It contains Iron and Oxygen.

What atoms make up rust?

Iron and oxygen. Rust is iron oxide.

What types of material will cause iron to rust?

oxygen causes iron to rust

What react with iron to form rust?

Oxygen reacts with iron to form rust.

Why is rust different from the iron and oxygen that it is made of?

Iron and oxygen have different properties than iron oxide. Oxygen speeds burning and iron oxide doesn't. Iron combines with oxygen and iron oxide is already stable so it doesn't combine with anything. It has a different melting point, etc.

When iron and oxygen combine to form rust what is are the reactants?

Iron and oxygen.

Reacts with oxygen to produce rust?

Iron reacts with oxygen to produce rust.

Are iron and rust same substances?

Iron is an element; rust is a compound of iron, hydroxide and oxygen.

Can sodium cause iron to rust?

No, the iron reacts with oxygen to create iron oxide (rust).

What elements are in rust?

Iron and Oxygen

Is rust water and oxygen?

No. Rust is iron oxide - iron and oxygen. In most cases the oxygen comes from liquid water or from water vapor.

Is rust a result of sulfur reacting with iron?

No. Rust forms from iron reacting with oxygen.

What is the property of iron that results in rust?

Rust is Iron Oxide, From Being Exposed to Oxygen.