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Why is shampoo called shampoo?

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The etymology of shampoo is the Hindi word "campo" (or "champo") and it means to "press, pound and knead," like you do to bread dough. Originally a shampoo wasn't a hair cleaning exercise, but a forceful full-body massage, not restricted to the head, but encompassing the torso and limbs as well, as part of a Turkish bath routine. he final stage of the routine involved one's hair being washed. The first instance of the word "shampoo" being used in print was in 1862 when a writer mentioned his/her concern that "Had I not seen several China merchants shampooed before me, I should have been apprehensive of danger".

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How do you spell shampoo in French?

shampoo is called du shampoing (masc.)

What is the shampoo that was in green bottle and had a picture of a koala on it?

its called downunders natural shampoo!

What is the phobia of shampoo called?


Was there shampoo in the 1800s?

Yes but it was called shampiss

Is there a shampoo that makes curly hair straight?

yes is called keratin liquid treatment its not a shampoo though.

What is the name of Carlo imperato's shampoo?

its called jambo

Is there a thing called horse shampoo?

yes! its great its called horse tale

Drugs hair test shampoo?

its called hair razor

What is a shampoo pouch called?

the only thing I can think of is a sachet

What agent causes shampoo to lather?

Foaming agents, this is what they are called.

Why apert in trigonometry is called the shampoo formula?

Pecause pert is a brand of shampoo, though A = pert is an algebra or calculus equation, not a trigonometric one.

What is the name of the song on the Pantene shampoo add?

It's called 'They' and it's by a singer called Jem

How to grow thicker hair?

Use horse shampoo ... i am not kidding many people use it it makes your hair thicker and longer... or use this shampoo they sell at walmart its called mane n' tail it originally horse shampoo but they took out somethings to make it human shampoo.

Does Nisim Shampoo work for regrowth of hair?

Nisim shampoo only works to prevent further hair loss. It does not stimulate hair growth. The Nisim company makes a shampoo called Fast that does stimulate hair growth.

What is in no more tears shampoo?

No more tears shampoo is a type of shampoo that is gentle on your eyes. If you get the shampoo in your eyes, it will not hurt as much as regular shampoo.

What is the song in the dove shampoo commercial?

Its called " why you treat me like that" by Katie charlotte

What shampoo makes your hair shiny?

THeres a shampoo called organic care it doesnt have any chemicals and it doesnt give you dandroff your hair will look so shiny.

Is selsum blue shampoo good for head lice?

That is for dandruff, lice is an actual bug in the hair and dandruff is dry skin. There is a shampoo called Nix I think for lice.

Do guinea pig pets have shampoo for when you bathe it if not please tell me what else i can use?

Guinea Pigs do have a shampoo. I got a bottle of shampoo for Guinea Pigs at an all animal shop.Mine's called Premium Small Animal Shampoo. You can use it on rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters. It also conditions and deoderizes. If you don't know already there is also a Coat Refreshener. It's all by a company called Pet Scensations.

How does shampoo work on hair?

Scientificly, the shampoo is made from soap,carbon dioxcide,the flavorfragrance, and alchohol. The hair so called "huguso" in greek is very tender. Theachohol is so strong it cleanses it. For more informatin to find the rightshampoo. Call 1800-338-9924 or go to

Which is denser-10 g of shampoo or 10kg of shampoo?

10g of shampoo

Can you wash your guinea pig with normal shampoo?

Wash him with tearless puppy shampoo or MILD tearless baby shampoo. Puppy shampoo is better though, or small animal shampoo.

Can you bathe a dog with human shampoo?

Yes, but dog shampoo is gentler then human shampoo. If you were to use a human shampoo, use baby shampoo so his or her eyes won't water.

Is shampoo an acid?

Shampoo is not an acid

Can you shampoo and not rinse shampoo out?