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An electronic medical billing and records software are very much important in the medical industry nowadays. As technology arises, paper documents and databases should now have an organized system to keep them.

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Q: Why is software important in a medical industry?
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Applications can be grouped into general use software or industry specific software What are two examples of industry specific software Choose two?

CADmedical practice management

In the medical industry what is HEDIS an acronym of?

In the medical industry, acronyms are used to shorten long titles of important information. HEDIS is an acronym of Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set.

What is the difference between software industry and IT industry?

The IT (Information Technology) Industry is the umbrella industry under which software falls. Software would be considered part of the IT industry, along with other fields such as Hardware and Database, for example. IT industry related software development

Microsoft software dominates the IT industry?

"microsoft software dominates the it industry "

Why are disposable gloves important to use?

Disposable gloves are important in the food and medical industries, for varying reasons. A major reason they are used is to avoid the contamination of food that is prepared (for the food industry), or to minimise the possibility of cross-infection between patients and staff in a hospital (for the medical industry).

How the importance and the use of data structures in the development of software industry?

It is very faculty says the most important of all subjects in CS

What are medical industry?

The medical industry refers to the industry that has everything to do with medicine. This includes doctors, drug companies, hospitals and medical suppliers.

Where can I find good jobs in computer engineering?

There are numerous jobs in computer engineering as it is a booming occupation. It is always good to look in the medical industry as it is constantly a strong industry and depends greatly on its computer software.

Do these jobs exist in the IT industry multimedia and software development?

Yes, there are multimedia jobs in the IT industry and the are software development jobs in the IT industry.

What are the impact of object oriented on software industry?

what are the impact object oriented on software industry

What is medisoft and what does it do?

Medisoft is a medical billing and patient account software. It can increase effectiveness. It helps organize and run a medical business. This is very important to businesses.

When was Philippine Software Industry Association created?

Philippine Software Industry Association was created in 1988.

What software performs functions specific to a business or industry?

Custom software performs functions specific to a business or industry.

What are software that is specifically or typically used in the film industry?

software that is specifically or typically used in the film industry

Specific purpose software?

The software used for specific purpose is called as specific purpose software. Software specially prepared for medical purpose means it is a medical software.

Applications can be grouped into general use software or industry specific software What are two examples of industry specific software?

Examples of industry specific software are:- retail software (also called Point of Sale or POS software) for retail outlets- banking software for the automation of banks- healthcare software for the automation of clinics and hospitals- etc

Software designed for a specific industry is known as software?

Vertical Market!!!!!!

What do I need to do to become a software consultant in California?

Ideally, you have education as well as practical experience in a wide range of applications, including the development of software. There are lots of different types of software. A "consultant" makes the claim of being an expert in a particular kind of software, like software for medical offices or software for industry, etc. Presentation, references, knowledge and experience are key to a successful consulting career.

Is the surgical and medical instruments industry growing?

the medical and surgical products industry is growing rapidly.

What is the difference between IT Industry and Software Industry?

The software industry is responsible for the development of software utilizing the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). See ( more information on that. The primary jobs are business analysts, developers, database analysts, and quality assurance engineers. Those roles play a vital role in the development and release of software. The IT industry is broader, unlike the software industry which focuses on the programming and creation of software. The IT industry covers a wide range of tasks however the primary objective is to utilize computers in the act of managing and manipulating data.

What is a reliable medical billing software?

A reliable medical billing software is reliable when it's been made secure enough to manage billing transactions. Also, medical softwares who are HIPAA certified, are definitely reliable. HIPAA is the acronym for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, the first comprehensive federal protective act ensuring the privacy of patient's personal health information. All healthcare practice management software today, including medical billing and coding software, must be HIPAA compliant medical billing software. When searching for medical billing and coding software, finding HIPAA compliant medical billing software should be at the top of your list.

Why is CRM important?

CRM is short for Customer Relationship Management software, it is important to keep track of your client base. It is an useful tool for any industry that sells something or a service to a client. The price range of a CRM software can range from 5000 - 300 if you are in the automotive industry I believe the cheapest CRM on the market today is called Dealer Elite at

What does the Lytec software offer?

It has been found that Lytec software is a software that is widely used in the medical field. This software is an electronic Practice Management and Health Record software that is used in medical practices.

What type of industry is Microsoft?

Microsoft is in the computer and software industry.

Where can I find information about the software Crimson?

The Advisory Board Company, which has important connections with the health industry, has expert advice about the different aspects of Crimson software. It outlines how physicians, staff and patients will all benefit from the improved performance resulting from the software's use.