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a sound wave is the movement of the molecules of the material, so no molecules no sound wave.

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Can sound waves move through any kinds of matter?

Yes. Sound cannot travel in a vacuum.

Does all waves need some material to travel through?

Nope, all kinds of radiation travels through the vacuum of space.

What are electomagnetic waves?

Electromagnetic eaves are waves that can travel through the vacuum of outer space. Microwaves, x-rays, and TV are all kinds of electromagnetic waves.

Different kinds of energy waves that move at the speed of light in a vacuum make up the?

In any substance, all electromagnetic waves travel at the same speed that light travels through that substance.

What is the purpose of vacuum lines in auto engines?

Engine vacuum can be used to operate all kinds of devices in your car, from vacuum modulators in the transmission to the devices that open and close the doors for your cabin heating and cooling. Vacuum lines are the tubes that deliver the engine vacuum to those devices.

What is a travel sport?

a travel sport is when you travel the world playing different kinds of sports sports from different cultures and stuff like that

Will a concussive blast wave from an explosion actually travel through the vacuum of outer space?

No, it won't. That's because the concussive blast wave (and sound, too, for that matter) requires a medium to travel through. That medium must conduct (carry or transfer) the energy of the wave. No mechanical medium equals no mechanical wave. However, if there are components of the blast that involve light or other kinds of electromagnetic radiation, those components will travel through the vacuum of space. They will not have the concussive impact that earth-bound waves will have.

What kinds of energy travel through matter?

Heat and light energy travel through space and matter

What kinds of mediums can a sound waves travel through?

It can travel through a solid, liquid, gas, and plasma

How do you buy EuroPro 1200W vacuum bags?

I would check for the vacuum bags at www.uClean.com .They carry a lot of different kinds of bags, especially more commercial type stuff.

Where can can you find the vacuum diagrams for a 1986 Honda CRX Si?

go to you Honda dealer.They have manuals of vacum diagrams and sometimes they will give you a copy of what you need from their manuals.I just got some

What kinds of scientists are needed for space travel?

Otolaryngologists are in high demand.

How did people travel over snow and ice?

What kinds of boats did they use

What is a travel insurance policy?

Travel Insurance - there are four kinds of travel insurance: Travel Cancellation Insurance, Baggage or Personal Effects Coverage, Emergency Medical Care, and Accidental Death

Discount student travel?

Many places offer all kinds of discounts for students. The best place to find discoun on travel is to go to the travel website Expedia.com.

Can sound travel through other kinds of material than air if so does it travel differently?

Sound can travel through all matter. The speed at which it travels depends on the density of the material.

What travel tours are available for the elderly?

I'd check travelocity.com where they have all different kinds of travel so just pick how much your willing to pay and then pick what kind of travel you want to do.

How is light differrent from other kinds of waves?

It doesn't need a medium to travel through.

Where can one travel to Brazil?

One can travel to Brazil using many different kinds of airlines and flight deals. Websites like Audley Travel and One Travel are examples of site that help people find flights to Brazil.

What are some kinds and uses of aircraft today?

for military purposes. just to travel. to ship things

What are the three main kinds of transportation?

Three main ways to travel is by car, plane, and boat.

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