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Why is soy milk is more healthier than cow milk?

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It isn't, necessarily. Soy milk is derived from soy beans (a plant), so soy milk is free of lactose, a protein which is found in cow milk, and also contains much lower levels of saturated fats and cholesterol. On its own, soy milk does not contain much calcium, so this is generally added by manufacturers. Soy milk contains hormones that mimic the action of oestrogen in the human body which may have some health complications for some.

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Is fresh milk healthier than powdered milk?

yes because of the chemicals the cow makes inside itself

Do cows or buffaloes give more milk?

It depends on the breed of cow in question. A Holstein (dairy) cow will give more milk than a buffalo, but a Charolais (beef) cow will give less milk than a buffalo does. An Angus cow may give as much or slightly more milk than a buffalo cow will.

Does almond milk have more calcium than cow milk?

No. Cow's milk have more calcium than almond milk.

What is healthier in coffee milk or cream?

Cream is healthier. Cow milk products in general aren't good for the human body. With it understood that both are bad, consider this: you will typically use less cream, than if you had used milk. The proteins in cows milk are particularly bad for the human body. In addition to using less than if you had used milk, of that there is less protein, because of the higher fat content of cream. The additional fat still makes it a healthier alternative.

Can gerbils drink cow milk?

No because cow milk has to much chemicals in to the milk to make it stay more than a day.

Who invented the milking cow and what did he think of it?

The milk cow was NOT invented. The milk cow was developed through artificial selection to have daughters that produced more milk than herself. After generations and generations of breeding (which is still happening), dairy cows are produced to give more milk than a "normal" cow does.

Does cow milk have any nutritional value?

It has a healthier Vitamins and no sugar on it.

Why Holstein cow produce more milk than other cow?

Holsteins were bred to produce more milk than other cows just like Saint Bernards were bred to be large.

Does cow milk have more sugar then breast milk?

Common Human Knowledge tells us that HUMAN MILK is muchmore beneficial than the cows milk. Depending on the carrier of the human's milk the cow milk most likely has more sugar.

Why is buffalo milk white in color?

Buffalo milk contains more fat content than cow milk. Similarly, Buffalo have an ability to convert carotene in to vitamin A, as compare to cow milk.

Why is a guernsey cow a dairy cow?

It gives more milk than what it would normally produce for its calf. That's what constitutes a cow for being a dairy cow.

Do more people on Earth drink cow milk or goat milk?

Cow Milk. as its cheap and in abundance

Can hubcap be use for a wheelchair?

No. No more than a cat can be used for a milk cow.

What is the main difference between cow milk and human milk?

Cows tend to produce much more milk per day than a human female can. Cow milk also contains lactose and casein, which human milk doesn't.

Is a cow more important than a bee?

A cow is more important than a bee cos from a bee we can only get honey but from a cow we get all the things we need to keep us healthy like yoghurt and milk and even butter so a Cow is more important

How do you make cow milk?

Buy cow, put bull behind cow, wait 9 months, calve out cow, then milk out cow. That's how you "make" cow milk. See related question below for more.

How does cow milk spoil faster than cow milk?

Well, sorry to burst your bubble but, its the same thing!

Is cow milk better for children than organic or soy milk?

Cow milk lacks iron in it. If kids consume cow milk most of the time, it will reduce the iron intake in their meal. Secondly, the dairy products inhibit iron absorption into the body. Also, cow milk is not easy to digest as compared to formula milk. These are some of the reasons cow milk is not fed to newborn babies younger than 9 months.

Can you get milk from a goat?

Yes, a goats milk is thicker and richer than the milk of a cow.

What are the benefits of camel milk?

it is 3 times more vitamin c than cow milk and very high in insulin.Also low in Lactose.

Is organic goat milk better than organic cow milk?

Organic goat milk has been proven to be healthier than organic cow's milk. However, when a goat is feeding in the pastures, the goat milk tends to taste almost like the smell of a goat; whereas when they are feeding from the stables with a diet mainly consisting of hay, their milk taste sweet like cow's milk.

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