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Why is susan interested in hamadi in hamadi by naomi shihab nye?

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November 09, 2012 12:50AM

She's interested in Hamadi because of the way he speaks. For example, in the story, when Susan and Susan's father asks Hamadi why he does not wish to return to his homeland in Lebanon, to see what has changed, and to reunite with old family and friends, Hamadi replies, "Remembrance is a form of meeting...I would not (wish to return to Lebanon). In fact, I already know. It is there and it is not there." As well as the way he speaks, it is what he does that interests her as well, such as when they are caroling at the start, Hamadi formally introduces himself to everyone, and near the ending of the story, one of the members of the carolers (Tracy to be exact) felt comfortable enough in him to cry in his arms, something no one would even DREAM of doing in Hamadi's cultural background, plus him giving her the special advice on persevering. This makes Susan become interested in Hamadi even more, whom she has come to see as a 'surrogate grandmother'.