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The Amazon rainforest is the tropical jungle/forest of the Amazon River Basin or valley of South America.

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Q: Why is the Amazon rainforest called the Amazon rainforest?
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Why was The Amazon Rainforest called The Amazon Rainforest?

It is called the Amazon rainforest because its home is the Amazon River Basin.

How many Amazon rainforests are there?

There is ONE Amazon rainforest. It is called the Amazon rainforest...

What is the main rainforest in Brazil?

The AmazonThe Amazon rainforest. Same name as the world's second longest river, also in Brazil.The rainforest in Brazil is located in the Amazon Basin and the rainforest is called the Amazon Rainforest.

What is the south American rainforest called?

amazon rainforest

Why is the amazon rainforest called a rainforest?

This is a pretty obvious answer. The amazon rainforest is a forest characterised by high humidity and therefore high rainfall.

What is called the lungs of the planet?

The amazon rainforest.

What are the trees in the Amazon Rainforest called?


How often does it rain in the Amazon rainforest?

It's called the "rainforest" isn't it? the answer is in the question.

What are the tribes called in the Amazon rainforest?

what are the main tribes called.

What kind of rainforest is the amazon rainforest?

The Amazon Rainforest, is a tropical rainforest

Are there Piranhas in the Amazon rainforest?

yes there are piranhas in the Amazon rainforest. Actually they are in the Amazon river which is inside the Amazon rainforest. yes there are piranhas in the Amazon rainforest. Actually they are in the Amazon river which is inside the Amazon rainforest.

What type of rainforest is the Amazon rainforest?

The Amazon Rainforest is a tropical rainforest.

What is the dense foliage in the Amazon rainforest called?

The foliage in the Amazon is known as "The Canopy."

What is the waterfall called in the amazon rainforest?

the penzonia waterfull

Does Asia have the biggest rainforest?

no Asia does not have the biggest rainforest in the world the largest rainforest in the world is called the amazon rainforest and is found in south America

How hot is the Amazon rainforest?

How hot is it in the Amazon Rainforest?

What are local names from the Amazon rainforest?

Amazon Rainforest

When is it coolest in the Amazon rainforest?

Does the Amazon rainforest get permafrost?

Is the Amazon rainforest warm and wet?

The amazon rainforest is always wet if you are in the Amazon rainforest you will aways see it is wet

What type of rainforest is the amazon?

it is a temperate rainforest idiot :D

Why is brazil called lungs of earth?

Because most of the Amazon Rainforest is within its borders, and the Amazon Rainforest prduces most of the oxygen we use to breathe.

What is the largest waterfall in the Amazon Rainforest?

The largest waterfall in the amazon river in called the Ocapocysic Waterfall

What continent has a rainforest called the lungs of the Earth?

The Lungs of the Earth is the Amazon Rainforest on the continent of South America.

Is the Amazon a tropical rainforest?

Yes the Amazon is a Tropical Rainforest

What insects are living in the Amazon rainforest?

what insects are in the amazon rainforest