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Because the Philippines is on the opposite side of the planet to america !


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all of the international call center has a day shift and night shift, but since they are give services to Americans the time is very much in vuce versa. means we serve in day time in America while here in the Philippines the time is night.

While the Philippines were a possession of the US from 1898 until 1946, there is no longer any political connection between the Philippines and the US, other than the normal connections between two sovereign nations.

Can you collect SSI benefits while living in the Philippines

The achievements of Corazon Aquino while she was the president of the Philippines is because she led the revolutionary of democracy of the Philippines

When it is day in America it is night in India due to the rotation of the earth. The earth rotates on its axis once a day. Half of the earth is dark while the other half is full of light. America and India are in totally different sun positions which cause day time in America to be night time in India.

America is on one side of the Earth. China is in the other. When one of them faces the sun the other faces the dark. that is why daytime is in America while China is experiencing night.

Any astronaut would experience weightlessness while orbiting the Earth.Any astronaut would experience weightlessness while orbiting the Earth.Any astronaut would experience weightlessness while orbiting the Earth.Any astronaut would experience weightlessness while orbiting the Earth.

Empty dreams mean that you do not experience any dream. You feel empty while sleeping. It is like a blank paper at night.

Philippines means the country, while Philippine is used to imply something which is related to or the property of the Philippines.

No. Australia is larger than the Philippines. The Philippines is 300,000 square kilometres, while Australia is 7,692,024 square kilometres.

Organized the first cooperative in the Philippines while in exile in Dapitan

While a majority of Filipinos are Roman Catholic, the Philippines does not ahve an official religion.

You spend a miserable night awake in the bathroom. Make sure you have a bucket handy while you're on the toilet. Yes, this is physically possible, I can attest from personal experience.

The Philippines are NOT in Vietnam. They are separate countries. Vietnam is part of the Asian mainland, while the Philippines is an island country in the waters off Southeast Asia.

Greenland spans the Artic Circle, so the northern part would not see the Sun during Winter.

Roughly the Atlantic Ocean sits between Europe and Africa on one side and North and South America on the other, while the Pacific Ocean sits between North and South America on one side and Japan and the Philippines on the other.

The earliest Spaniards in America conquered and settled the area. Many tried to assimilate with the natives, while others violently aimed to spread their culture.

Manila was the old capital of the Philippines. Quezon City became the capital for a while. Now it is Manila again.

While Utah (UTC-7/UTC-6) is on Standard Time, it is 15 hours behind the Philippines (UTC+8). While Utah is on Daylight Saving Time, it is 14 hours behind the Philippines.

The longest bridge in the Philippines is the Metro Manila Skyway. The northern terminus of the bridge itself is Metro Manila while the southern terminus is the South LuzonExpressway, another expressway in the Philippines. It is the northern terminus of the expressway itself while the southern is the Sto. Tomas, Batangas.

Daybreeze is a gust of wind at night, while night breeze is the oposite. Nightbreeze is a night wind.

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